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        7 December 2020

Xena Fanfic - From The XIPPY Archives - 07 December 2020

Blind Faith Restored by Zzelami
Way back in the second season there was an episode called Blind Faith - Xena is blinded in a fight and Gabrielle is taken to be the queen of a dead king. It was a fantastic episode reminiscent of many fanfic stories. The ending I thought needed something and Zzelami produced what I thought was the perfect ending to this episode. It's funny but yet very tender and the love that Xena and Gabrielle share shone through.

Blind Faith Revisited by Mikki Hibbens
This story is set after one of my favorite episodes, Blind Faith. Mikki does an excellent job in showing the love Xena and Gabrielle share. An excellent read and a follow up to a beautiful episode.



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