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        28 December 2020

Xena Fanfic - From The XIPPY Archives - 28 December 2020

It's an LJ Maas Conquerer special

The Conqueror Series - Tale One - Journey's End by LJ Maas
I'm not big on the Ruler of the Known World but LJ converted me. This is unbelievably good. Xena is Lord, Conqueror of Greece, but she is almost forty-five years old when she meets the slave, Gabrielle. The little slave girl turns the hardened warrior's life upside down. EXCELLENT storytelling .

Conqueror Series - Tale Two - The Petal of the Rose by LJ Maas
The much-anticipated sequel to Journey's End. I love this conqueror and her soon to be Queen. The arrival of Solan, Xena's son, brings new problems for the Lord Conqueror and the now free slave. This is one of the best stories set in the Conqueror genre that I've read. Don't miss this one.



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