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        3 March 2021

1998: Lesbians on the Loose and Xena at 1998 Mardi Gras

The following snipped appeared in the April 1998 (Vol 9 No. 4) issue of Lesbians on the Loose magazine (Australia)



Xena's hopes of appearing at Mardi Gras were dashed at the last minute when she missed her flight from Los Angeles. Lucy Lawless, the six foot tall Warrior Princess, whose TV show has a huge lesbian following, accepted an invitation from Mardi Gras to join guests at the VIP parade viewing area in Taylor Square.

"It was a private decision to come [to Mardi Gras]," says her Australian publicist. "She was paying her own fare. It was a statement she wanted to make."

Sadly, a delay in filming the cult show forced Lawless to miss out on the spectacle of 122 Marching Xenas



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