Naderus, the Tavern Owner....

was voted head of the city council for consumer affairs. Due to the heavy scroll work the job entailed, he finally decided to retire from cooking and running the inn, and left the tavern to his daughter Mallika and her partner, Lakme.

He was responsible for the first set of laws preventing the experimental use of dangerous chemicals on humans (and house pets), and began the very widespread "Just Say NO to Alchemists" campaign.

Captain Cyres.....

remained captain of the Chalcis militia, but got someone else to empty the cauldron. He never did enter a laboratory again, nor would he drink anything the color of green.


surprised Captain Cyres and everyone involved by volunteering to empty the cauldron and dispose of its contents. He took over the apothecary shop, but would see customers on an "appointment only" basis.

Town gossip tells of the young alchemist spending late nights in the back laboratory huddled over piles of old scrolls, bubbling beakers, and one particular flask. Someone said they saw what looked like the burnt remains of a tiny creature inside of said flask. They assumed it was dead.......until they saw it move.

Mallika and Lakme......

changed the name of the tavern to "The Little Warrior Inn". It became a very popular stop for amazons on the way through Thrace to and from Amazonia.

They were joined the following Solstice in the amazon tradition.


And Grumbles the Cat.....

You will occasionally find Grumbles still waiting by the hole in the kitchen wall, flicking his tail and hoping for a second chance at the warrior princess who got away.




(This is where the XWP end theme begins and credits start rolling, right?)


-- excerpt from Abtala Jurain (1732), an alchemist text:

"Take of common rainwater a good quantity, at least ten quarts; preserve it well sealed in glass vessels for at least ten days, then it will deposit matter and feces on the bottom. Pour off the clear liquid and place it in a wooden vessel that is fashioned round like a ball; cut it in the middle and fill the vessel a third full, and set it in the sun about midday in a secret or secluded spot.

When this has been done, take a drop of the consecrated red wine and let it fall into the water, and you will instantly perceive a fog and a thick darkness on top of the water, such as also was at the first creation.

Then put in two drops, and you will see the light coming forth from the darkness; whereupon little by little put in every half of each quarter hour first three, then four, then five, then six, drops, and no more, and you will see with your own eyes one thing after another appearing by and by on top of the water...

how God created all things, and how it all came to pass, and such secrets as are not to be spoken aloud and I also have not power to reveal.

Fall to your knees before you undertake this operation. Let your eyes behold it; for this was the world created.

Let all stand as it is, and in half an hour after it began....it will all disappear."


Thank you for sticking through to the end. I hope you enjoyed my ‘little’ tale!

A writer ain’t nothin’ without an editor! Thank you Super-Editor, Rock-It-Scientist for plodding through this obstacle course of grammatical errors and mispellings.

DISCLAIMER: The recipes and experiments described in this story should not be attempted at home, unless they are conducted under the direct supervision of an experienced alchemist or a warrior princess. With the possible exception of Xena’s recipe for little girls. That one, you should try as often as you can. ;-)

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