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4 February 2013

Where To Now For AUSXIP in 2013 and Beyond?

Every so often I review the direction of AUSXIP and what it's purpose is. The site has been online for 16 years and in that time it has grown and morphed into areas that were unforeseen several years previously. This update is basically going back to basics or to the root of what AUSXIP is about. Whilst social media has grown and it's a good tool to interact with people, I'm finding it's taking more of my time that I would like to give in that area. Thus I'm deleting twitter accounts and facebook to concentrate on the core of what AUSXIP is and to build it/make it better.

For site updates you have the option of 1) Visiting the site  2) AUSXIP / LucyLawlessNet / AUSXIP ROC / RobTapert Twitter  3) RSS Feeds

I would dearly love to add to this list but time constraints and real life put a stop to that. Updating and maintaining AUSXIP takes a lot of time and effort. I would like to give 100% of that effort rather than 50% or less. The sites I have time for are the core sites I update (as listed  below)


Administered by MaryD

  • AUSXIP Lucy Lawless - this is the largest site on AUSXIP and continues to grow since AUSXIP was created as a Xena/Lucy site. This is THE core AUSXIP site that will continue to be the main core site.
  • Main AUSXIP site - which of course has the original site The Australian Xena Information Page - that is not going to change. The Xena site remains and will be tweaked every now and then. Episode Stills and other scans will be added to the site. Also included is the Art sites and video. Whilst the news section is not there with only the occasional update, it's a core part of AUSXIP.
    • AUSXIP Main Twitter @ausxip will remain
  • AUSXIP Charity Site - We hold our annual AUSXIP Starship Auction and this will not change. We've got our 2013 Auction coming up on March 21-27, 2013 and with Lucy's very generous donations of goodies + other stars donating items and their time, we hope to raise more money for Starship. The AUSXIP Starship Auction is a core part of AUSXIP.
  • AUSXIP Rob Tapert - one of the newer sites (since 2007) and a core site. News is generally very quiet.
  • Lucia Nobrega Art - Lucia's magnificent artwork updated occasionally
  • Xenite Memorial - For those we lost in the Xenaverse (one site I wish I never have to update)


  • AUSXIP Renee O'Connor - Renee has been a little quiet of late and the site reflects that. The ROC site will continue but it's updates will be more sporadic.
  • MaryD's Blog - The Next Chapter - my little baby. That will continue. I don't always update this blog but it's fun when I do. More than likely continue with this but an on again/off again basis
    • Twitter feed for @AUSXIPMaryD Deleted
  • AUSXIP Steven Sears - site is sporadically updated


Administered by Lori

Administered by Tobias

  • AUSXIP Talking Xena Message Forum - the official message board and one of the nicest places to visit to talk about Xena, Lucy, Renee and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. Administered by Tobias and a few other mods that do an excellent job.

Administered by Mesh



  • AUSXIP Spartacus - with the end of the show, the site will be archived and remain as a tribute to the show. Olansamuelle will update the site with new Draw Them All comic strips but general news and updates will cease.
    • AUSXIP Twitter @AUSXIPSpartacus will be discontinued at the end of the show's run.





  • AUSXIP Noir - site dedicated to Rob Tapert's show Noir has been deleted
  • AUSXIP Vlad Dracula - site dedicated to Rob Tapert's show Vlad Dracula has been deleted
  • AUSXIP Legend of the Seeker - site deleted
  • AUSXIP Katherine Fugate - redirected to Katherine's Official Site
  • AUSXIP Adrienne Wilkinson - redirected to Adrienne's Official Site
  • AUSXIP Army Wives - Site deleted


  • AUSXIP Twitter Site @ausxipnoir - news on Rob Tapert's rumoured new show - Noir
  • AUSXIP Twitter Site @ausxipvladdracula - news on Rob Tapert's rumoured new show - Vlad Dracula
  • AUSXIP Facebook Page - this official ausxip facebook page has been discontinued as of this afternoon.
  • AUSXIP Twitter Site: @ausxipmaryd - my own personal twitter feed.
  • AUSXIP Twitter Site: @ozalexkingston - it's a little odd to create it and then remove it the next day but on review of my time/commitment and that I couldn't give 100% effort to it, I chose not to go ahead with this.
  • AUSXIP Twitter Site: @ozmirandahart - same deal as @ozalexkingston. A shame as I love both these actors but time is of the essence and commitment.
  • AUSXIP Twitter Site @ausxipcaesar - news on Rob Taperts rumoured new show - Caesar


So basically that is that. Thanks for sticking around to read this post to the very end and for your support!


Battle On!