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The Power, The Passion,
Their Courage Changed Our World



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The Power, The Passion - Their Courage Changed Our World

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World
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Xena's 25th Anniversary Book

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Xena Fanfic From The Archives - October 24, 2020
Posted on: 24 October 2020

Healers Choice by Maggie This story is a total riot. I couldn't stop grinning after finishing it. One of the gals is afflicted with a sore tooth - I won't spoil it as to who it is - but it's a real joy to watch Maggie weave this tale. Excellent…

Discussions with Renee O'Connor On Instagram
Posted on: 11 October 2020

Renee is branching out, check out her post on Instagram   View this post on Instagram I am excited to begin a series of discussions with dear friends, who are experts in their industry, or have unique stories to share with me. I hope you will join us! My first…

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World - Unboxing and Mini Review by Renee O'Connor
Posted on: 9 October 2020

How cool is this video! Renee does an unboxing of Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World book AND does a mini review! On the cuteness meter it's off the chart! Check this out - If you want to know more about the book, head on over to the AUSXIP Publishing…

Fanfic From XIPPY Award Archive - 07 October 2020
Posted on: 8 October 2020

Case of the Missing Snowman (The) by Claire Withercross This is a story about friendship and about giving. Little Xena and Little Gabrielle share their friendship in this beautiful story about a snowman. Harder Please by Silk This is funny. It’s a short piece that is just too good…

AUSXIP Publishing Release of Driven by Susanne M. Beck and T. Novan!
Posted on: 8 October 2020

AUSXIP Publishing has released Driven by Susanne M. Beck and T. Novan. Driven is a lesbian romance set in the world of professional women’s basketball. eBook: AUSXIP Publishing Store eBook and Print: Amazon Dylan Lambert, aka the Goddess, is a legend in women’s basketball. She was forced to retire…

Fanfic From The Archives - XIPPY Awards and Reviews
Posted on: 2 October 2020

A Prayer for You by Lariel This is a very touching short story and it tugs at your heartstrings of love lost Very moving and you will need a tissue or two. Very well written. Bardic Theories by Karen Dunn This is a total riot - I loved it! Gabrielle…

Renee's Tribute For 25 Years of Xena: Warrior Princess
Posted on: 26 September 2020

Is ANYONE surprised that Renee has posted this in celebration of 25 years of Xena: Warrior Princess? From Renee's Official Instagram Account: XENA * 25 year Anniversary * *SOUND ON* I adjusted the edit to the XENA wrap party video, to celebrate 25 years, since these iconic, strong women and…

25th Anniversary: Rob and Lucy with US Consul General at Whoah! Studios
Posted on: 26 September 2020

  While touring Whoah! Studios, Consul General Katelyn Choe had the opportunity to congratulate @RealLucyLawless (NZOM) & @Robtapert (NZOM) on the 25th anniversary of Xena: Warrior Princess, which was made right here in @Auckland_NZ, NZ! #Xenites #XenaWarriorPrincess #CGChoe. — US Embassy NZ ???????? (@usembassynz) September 21, 2020…

She Nerds Out Podcast Interview with Renee O'Connor
Posted on: 24 September 2020

Renee O'Connor joins us this week to celebrate 25 years of Xena! We discuss so many things with Renee. Gabrielle's journey, her influence on TV (spoiler, we're trying to turn Renee into an Earper) and what Gabrielle and Jesse Pinkman have in common. Plus Nerd News and RIP RBG.  …

Steven Sears and Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World
Posted on: 20 September 2020

This has to be one of my favourite videos - Steven Sears and a special book - Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World! You can purchase the book on Amazon and elsewhere. Royalties from the book will be divided between The Starship Foundation and Renee O'Connor's House of Bards  …

She Nerds Out Interview with Adrienne for Xena 25th Anniversary
Posted on: 15 September 2020

Our month long celebration of Xena Warrior Princess continues with the beloved Adrienne Wilkinson! We talk to Adrienne about all things Xena including her first impression of the fandom and her love affair with the Xenite Retreat. Plus in Nerd News we cover The Mandalorian's return, Ammonite reviews and whether…

Xena 25 Year Anniversary - Renee O'Connor
Posted on: 10 September 2020

Renee has posted on her official Instagram account about Xena's 25th Anniversary by posting Steven's photos of the fans!   View this post on Instagram Borrowing images from @fsuwriter from the decades, celebrating Xena and Xena fans. Happy 25 years! Look at all the smiling faces. ((Whose costume did I…

Xena 25th Anniversary - Lucy Lawless
Posted on: 10 September 2020

You can't celebrate the 25th Anniversary without Lucy Lawless because there would be no Xena!   25 years ago this week, Xena:Warrior Princess started on televisions across America. Ren, Rob and I thank you all for your love, fandom and fidelity all these years. It was the best of times…

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