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        29 July 2015

Letter to Xena The Powers That Be - Why We Need Lucy and Renee Back!

The following letter is directed to the Xena Warlords and Kings (aka The Powers That Be on deciding whether we get a Xena Reboot with Lucy and Renee) from Dr Patricia Saunders


Dear Producers, CEO

Once upon a time there was a breakthrough series on television, Xena Warrior Princess. It was inspirational because it allowed children,teens and adults to look inside for hope that they could change their lives, it was the FIRST female hero who was not dependent on men for her life and achievements-she was her own, unique person who "battled on" against so much adversity.

Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi were smart enough to cast a 4th choice actor, Lucy Lawless in the title role. Lucy and Renee O"Conner exceeded all expectations and gained a worldwide fanship that endures 20 years later. The writing was brilliant,as was the direction and production. Lucy/Xena became an icon and now a legend because of the confluence of talent in its making.I still watch Xena on Netflix for inspiration and laughs. I am not a kid and I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, written books, been on TV as a talking head for 14 years on crime-so that qualifies me as a grown-up.

I don't know if you realize the extent of their current fandom around the world-from Kenya to Brasil, from Thailand to France,Arab nations and of course the UK and USA-100K + follow Lucy's twitter account. My grandchildren are rabid Xena fans as are many of the next generation.

I've met and talked at length with both Lucy and Renee- they are even better actors now and still stunningly beautiful and in great shape.

These are dark times: we need a real, 3-dimensional Hero, not an aspiring youth who is still learning to act and none have Lucy's charisma or Renee's light. These are complex characters and deserve the very best of actors to portray them. You can bring them to modern times, or have them find, train and mentor the next warrior Princess-perhaps Eve's daughter.

You can't transplant a perfect work of art into another form-it won't work and the hundreds of thousands of fans will not see it. It was not a cult, campy show, although it included those elements-it was epic. Psychologically, it was and is for all of us and for any stage in time; that is was makes it epic.
Please do a revival of Xena, bringing her back from the dead, re-uniting with Gabrielle and off they go wherever the writers take them. You will be sorely disappointed if you try to replace Lucy and Renee- they were the heart and soul of XWP and still can be. Renee is a brilliant director and nuanced actor. I don't think Lucy has fully unleashed her own acting talents, but she sure is ready-to wit ,Spartacus-Lucretia was a difficult role to play as was Countess Marburg in Salem and Lucy got 'em-bull's-eye.


Patricia Saunders, Ph.D.



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