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22 July 2011

2012 Xena Convention Update - Ted Raimi and Jennifer Sky

This is getting exciting - the guest list is coming along nicely 6 months out (see I'm not counting down...) out from our final Official Xena Convention (that just doesn't sound right).

Today's additions are:

Mr. Raimi will only be appearing on stage Saturday, he will not be signing autographs or doing photo ops

Amarice on Xena, Cleo on Cleopatra 2525
Appearing Sunday

and they join

Renee O'Connor
Michael Hurst
Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Adrienne Wilkinson
Tsianina Joelson
Musetta Vander
Sherri Rappaport

Dance Teacher Extraordinaire (and honourary Dame)

The Widow Twanky

Steven L. Sears
Katherine Fugate
Missy Good



22 July 2011

TV’s toughest broads - Xena Warrior Princess - MSN Entertainment


MSN Entertainment looks at TV’s toughest broads
Lucy Lawless, "Xena: Warrior Princess"

When "Xena: Warrior Princess" premiered as a "Hercules" spin-off, nobody could have guessed that its Amazonian protagonist would become a late 20th Century feminist icon. But the mix of campiness and sweetness that defined Lawless' performance as the shrieking, sword-wielding heroine was ultimately potent stuff. If a character's power can be measured in the number of women who've proudly dressed up in her costume for Halloween, Xena ranks among the mightiest in any medium.

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22 July 2011

Michael Hurst News on 2012 Xena Convention

ImageMichael's official site has posted about the upcoming 2012 Xena Convention. I'm so happy to be going to the convention and seeing Michael and Jennifer again. As a special treat it looks like the Widow Twanky will be on her own for a Q&A! Next to Dame Edna Everidge, The Widow Twanky is a superb Dame! <g>

27-28 January 2012: Official Xena Convention: "The Final Journey"
Michael and his wife Jennifer Ward-Lealand will be official guests at the final Xena official convention presented by Creation Entertainment, to be held at the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel in Burbank, California.

They will participate in the cabaret on Friday and a Q&A session on Saturday. The Widow Twanky will also attend with a Q&A of her own. Click here for info and to book.

Click here for more details about the convention and the guest list which is growing fast!

Posted by MaryD



21 July 2011

Funny Photo of Lucy, Kevin and Renee from Old Ares Had A Farm


Here's a very funny pic from the Xena Season 6 episode "Old Ares Had A Farm" - Lucy, Kevin and Renee relaxing with their robes over them. I have to say I haven't seen this photo before (which is really cool after so many years). Many thanks to Saul for the link!

click here to view full size



21 July 2011

2012 Xena Convention Update - More Guests Added!

Alrighty the guest list is growing for the last ever Official Xena Convention in January 2012!

MUSETTA VANDER (Ilainus of Amphipolis Under Siege) and

SHEERI RAPPAPORT (Otere in Adventures in the Sin Trade Part 1 & 2, Sheeri currently stars on CSI) have been added.

The guest list previous announced:

Renee O'Connor
Michael Hurst
Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Adrienne Wilkinson
Tsianina Joelson

Steven L. Sears
Katherine Fugate
Missy Good



21 July 2011

2012 Xena Convention Guest Update - Michael and Jennifer!

Here's some great news - Michael Hurst and Jennifer Ward-Lealand have been added to the growing guest list for the final ever Official Xena Convention in Burbank!

Wow! What a great lineup so far!

Actor, Director, Writer Michael is beloved by genre fans for his work as Iolaus and of course as a director of episodes of Xena, Spartacus, Legendof the Seeker, Jack of All Trades, and of course Hercules. It is always an honor for us to welcome Michael and his equally talented wife Jennifer Ward-Lealand as headlliners to our show
Appearing Saturday

Boadecia/Zehra of Xena
Jennifer is one of New Zealand's busiest and most talented performers. We love having her on hand at the Xena convention and we surely appreciate her working her schedule out to join her many fans!
Appearing Saturday

Click here to order tickets



19 July 2011

Xena Episode Stills - Season 3 Episode 6 The Debt Part 1


Updated the Xena Episode Stills gallery for Season 3 Episode 6 The Debt Part 1 (one of my all time favourite episodes) with three more episode stills from the episode

Click here to view images

The Debt Part 1 - Season 3, Episode 6

Xena (Lucy Lawless) is betrayed when she journeys to the Kingdom of Chin to settle a debt from her dark past.


Written by R.J. Stewart;
Edited by Robert Field;
Directed by Oley Sassone.


Jacqueline Kim (Lao Ma);
Marton Csokas (Borias);
Grant McFarland (Ming Tzu);
Daniel Sing (Older Ming Tien);
Daniel Lim (Younger Ming Tien).



Xena receives a message asking her to go to the Land of Chin to “make the green dragon (a young ruler called Ming Tien) small again”. Xena wants to leave Gabrielle behind and, to explain why, recounts her years spent with the warlord Borias (who fathered Solan). The pair plan to steal from the wealthy Chinese houses - but, in doing so, Xena meets a remarkable woman. In the present day, Xena heads off on her journey alone but is captured during her assassination attempt, thanks to intervention by Gabrielle who is opposed to Xena's mission.


No frock tarts were killed during the production of this motion picture although they wish they had been. (eh?!)


The world’s only self-saddling horse, Argo (unless she sleeps in a saddle?) at the opening scene; the first ever game of tic tac toe (albeit yet to be perfected as the two-player version we know today!); the Great Wall of China’s first appearance 300 before it was actually built; an Indiana Jones ending for a showoff swordsman; note that the chess piece Ming Tien is holding when he is kidnapped by Xena is, aptly, a pawn; Xena promising Borias 5% of 50 horses. (You wouldn’t to be there when she hands over the remaining half of a horse); the underwater scene which reveals where Xena picked up CPR from in Is There A Doctor in the House; Xena’s jump from water level that beats all her old records (nice commando greasepaint by the way - er, explain again why you have to be nearly naked to kill someone?); the creepy ambience of the bird cage scene; the look between Gabrielle and Xena in the final moment.... ah, heck, rewind the whole thing...


“Ok let’s forget the cryptic part.” - finally, someone (Gabrielle) demands clarification from the enigmatic Xena;

“I’m glad I could help you get a good deal on the things you need to commit a murder,” Gabrielle now probably wishing she hadn’t asked for the details.

“Kill ‘em all? That was obviously your answer to everything in those days.” Gabrielle works out why Xena doesn’t reminisce much.

“They say you’re a dangerous woman.” Lao Ma making polite chit chat with Xena.

“Fill yourself up with desire and see only illusion. Empty yourself of desire and understand the great mystery of things.” Lao Ma, showing she actually never really was one for small talk.

“I have been blessed or cursed with the ability to look at the souls of others. You don’t know it yet Xena; you are a remarkable woman.” Lao Ma rendering Xena speechless. Again.

“My lord, I would never hide what is yours.” Lao Ma to Ming Tzu. It’s not so much a great line as much as how it shows Lao Ma has used it to avoid telling a lie. It’s true, Xena never was Ming Tzu’s, even if she was caught by him. Clever line.

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18 July 2011

Xena Video - Xena Deleted Scene Season 4 Ep 9: Past Imperfect

ImageDeleted Scene from the Season 4 Episode 9 Past Imperfect

Click here to view video

Season 4, Episode 9: Past Imperfect
In order to save a town from destruction, Xena must figure out who is copycatting her past evil deeds.

SCRIBES & SCROLLS: Written by Steven L. Sears; Edited by Robert Field; Directed by Garth Maxwell

PASSING PARADE: Marton Csokas (Borias); Catherine Boniface (Satrina); Craig Muller (Pasicus); Paul Gittins (Kaleipus); Mark Ferguson (Dagnine); John Manning (Oaklin).

STORY SO FAR: An enemy who seems to know Xena’s every move, recreates a battle from her past which brings up old and painful memories for the Warrior Princess. Meanwhile, Xena fears the prophesy of their death is at hand and tries to cottonwool Gabrielle.

DISCLAIMER: Borias’ goose was cooked during the production of this motion picture.

REWIND FOR: Supersonic cannonballs – they were going awfully fast in that long shot in Xena’s first vision… smart gal, inventing rocket fuel.

Satrina’s soldiers are part fish – they were under water way too long to be good for the health. Easily five minutes by my watch… but I guess that’s the advantages of living in an era which has yet to invent time.

The worst midwife in the business (see below – literally).

Yikes, Scary Xena Alert – watch those baby blues bug when she says: “Getting inside my head now?”… hey, I got chills. And yeah, I think Satrina well and truly got a clear picture of what was in Xena’s head.

The face of a woman in labor and pretending not to be, as Xena squeezes out her “crucify them” line.

QUOTABLE: “We’re going to need a lot of wood. When I’m done here there’ll be a line of crucified bodies leading from Corinth to the Caspian Sea and I will crucify them all.” Xena, who, if taken literally, seems not to understand that you can’t crucify an already crucified body… not much point really.

“When I saw Borias’s body I couldn’t believe he would come back for me and he loved me.” Awww, Xena, what’s not to love?…. killings, maimings, poor parental role models and treating your man like dirt, aside. Actually, she has a good point…

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18 July 2011

New Xena Art by Carpe Chakram

Added 15 new pieces of art by Carpe Chakram! Check them out


Click here to view



18 July 2011

Xena Episode Stills For Season 3, 5 and 6

Updated the Xena Episode Still galleries with episode stills for the following seasons and episodes. Scanned by Roger from the 2009 Xena Calendar.



- Season 3 Episode 7 The Debt Part 2




- Season 5 Episode 5 Them Bones Them Bones




- Season 6 Episode 4 Who's Gurkhan?



For more Xena Episode Stills visit the AUSXIP Xena Episode Still Galleries




17 July 2011

Fantastic Video Xena Resurrected as D'anna

Wow this is impressive work - someone has spent a lot of time and merged Xena & D'Anna footage, Xena dies, reincarnates as D'Anna. Many thanks to Jo for the news!


Xena is dead. But it revived in the body of D'Anna, and now has to live her life. She misses Gabriel wants to go back and goes to the oracle for advice. The Oracle offers D'Anna to ask for help from the gods, and she goes to church, where he met with the gods, and understands that these are the same gods, and that in her world ... D'Anna asks them to bring her back. Oddly enough, they agree. D'Anna dies. Xena is resurrected in his own world.



16 July 2011

Xena Prop Makers

This is an interesting website. These people made props and prosthetics for Xena and now are making them for Spartacus:

The Xena props page (including pics of the giant's foot and the Trojan horse) is here:


- Reported by Barbara Davies



16 July 2011

Adrienne To Attend Comic Con Next Week

Adrienne is on the list of actors who will be at Comic Con next week in San Diego

Adrienne Wilkinson, actor (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Xena: Warrior Princess)
ThursdayAA2710:00 am - 2:30 pm
SaturdayAA2810:00 am - 2:30 pm
SundayAA2810:00 am - 2:30 pm
Click here for more info



14 July 2011

Shiri Appleby on Royal Pains Tonight In US

A week after the talented Packers wide receiver guest-starred on Royal Pains, former Life Unexpected actress Shiri Appleby will stop by. Look for her to be featured on Wednesday's "Rash Talk," which focuses on cleaning-product entrepreneurs who require Hank's help when they think one of their products had made them ill.

Watch the official USA trailer for the installment now:

Click here to view trailer



12 July 2011

Alison Bruce and Theresa Healey in NZ Production of Calendar Girls

Alison Bruce and Theresa Healey will be in the NZ production of Calendar Girls starting 10 to 20 August 2011 at the Civic in Auckland, New Zealand.

Calendar Girls is about a group of extraordinary women, members of a very ordinary Yorkshire Women's Institute, spark a global phenomenon by persuading one another to pose for a charity calendar with a difference!

As interest snowballs, the CALENDAR GIRLS find themselves revealing more than they'd ever planned...

A very British story, with a very British heart, CALENDAR GIRLS is based on an inspiring true story that is quirky, poignant and hilarious.

About Theresa Healey - Theresa is best known to Xena fans in the Season 5 episode "Looking Death in the Eye" as Celesta.

Theresa Healey first came to prominence in Alison MacLean's celebrated short film KITCHEN SINK - but is probably better known for her five years as Nurse Carmen Roberts in SHORTLAND STREET. Other television appearances have included parts in MARLIN BAY, MERCY PEAK and GO GIRLS; and she investigated her Irish heritage in the documentary series HERE TO STAY. She also had leading roles in the films JUBILEE and SAVAGE HONEYMOON. Theresa's previous appearances for Auckland Theatre Company include CLOSER, HONOUR, THREE TALL WOMEN and UNCLE VANYA.



About Alison Bruce (best known to Xena fans as Amazon Queen Melosa (Season 1) and Xena's friend Talia (Season 5) in Xena Warrior Princess)

Alison trained at Theatre Corporate in 1982 and worked there and at the Mercury Theatre over the next few years. She went on to perform in many productions at the Watershed Theatre and worked for three years with Theatre at Large, beginning her love of physical/image based work.

Her theatre work recently has been with the Silo Theatre (LITTLE DOG LAUGHED, HOLDING THE MAN) and as a member of the Red Leap Theatre Co. (THE ARRIVAL, PAPER SKY). She has made several appearances in film and television, most recently as Agnetha in South Pacific Pictures's THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS.

This is Alison's fourth show with the Auckland Theatre Company and she is really looking forward to working with such a fabulously talented bunch of women. Yeeha!


For more about Calendar Girls visit the Official site | Buy Tickets for Calendar Girls

-- Reported by Jo & Barbara Davies



11 July 2011

Musetta Vander at Las Vegas Star Trek Convention August 2011

Image634460043459062500Musetta Vander will be at the Creation Entertainment Las Vegas Star Trek Convention from 11 to 14 August at the Rio Hotel. This looks to be a trekkers dream convention (wish I could go! Wow).

Thursday - Sunday
August 11 - 14, 2011
The Rio Suites Hotel
3700 W. Flamingo Rd.

The Official STAR TREK Convention Las Vegas
Celebrating the 45th
Anniversary of Star Trek

Click here for tickets

-- News submitted by Zeta



11 July 2011

Joel Tobeck's act of faith


Today's NZ Herald has an article about Joel Tobeck.

With a new role on hit US show Sons of Anarchy, Kiwi actor Joel Tobeck is riding high. He tells Alan Perrott why his aim is to make it for those he's loved and lost.

Click here to read full article

News contributed by MET (Mary)



10 July 2011

Xena Fan Made Lego Art






Check out the 4 fan made Xena Lego art of the characters Xena, Gabrielle, Autolycus, and Ares.

Click here to see all 4


Contributor: Barbara Davies



10 July 2011

Bruce Campbell now on Twitter





You can now follow Bruce on twitter:


also check out Bruce's official site


Contributor: Barbara Davies



9 July 2011

Charles Mesure joining Desperate Housewives






TVline.com is reporting that Charles Mesure will be a new series regular this fall on "Desperate Housewives".

Click here for article



9 July 2011

Comic-Con Friday Schedule


Details about the Spartacus panel:

5:45-6:45 Spartacus: Vengeance— Liam McIntyre (McLeod's Daughters)
makes his Comic-Con debut, along with Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior
Princess), Manu Bennett (30 Days of Night), Dustin Clare (Underbelly),
and Katrina Law (Legend of the Seeker). Executive producer Steven S. DeKnight (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) joins the cast to discuss the upcoming second season, titled,Spartacus: Vengeance, expected to air on
Starz in January 2012, and the exclusive content found on the Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Blu-ray discs, available September 13.

Xena Alum Tony Todd will be there for:

7:00-8:00 Sushi Girl— Sushi Girl chronicles the story of five friends
who reunite six years after a diamond-job-gone-wrong to eat sushi off a naked girl. Sure enough, the thieves can't help opening old wounds in an attempt to find their missing loot, and all mayhem ensues. This film marks the return to the big screen for Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and Noah Hathaway (Neverending Story) and also features cast members Tony Todd (Candy Man), James Duval (Donnie Darko), Andy Mackenzie (Shoot 'Em Up), David Dastmalchian (The Dark Knight), and Cortney Palm (Sunday Morning High). The legendary Sonny Chiba (Kill Bill) also stars. Kern Saxton
(Deader Living Through Chemistry) directed and co-wrote with Destin Pfaff (Millionaire Matchmaker). Producers Neal Fischer (Fight Club) and Suren Seron (Forever Plaid) and moderator Ted Stryker (KROC) round out the panel. Meet the entire cast and creators and witness the world premiere of the official trailer, followed by Q&A session.

Click here for full Friday Schedule



8 July 2011

Comic-Con Thursday Schedule is out


Xena alum is on the schedule for Thursday of Comic-Con.

10:00-11:00 Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe— For fans of USA's hit
series Burn Notice who've always wanted to know what happened before Sam
Axe (Bruce Campbell) teamed up with Michael Weston and Fiona, Comic-Con
attendees are invited inside the USA made-for-TV movie Burn Notice: The
Fall of Sam Axe, debuting on DVD exclusively at Comic-Con! The Burn Notice prequel chronicles what turned out to be the last military mission of former U.S. Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander Axe and the expedition that took him from the jungles of Colombia to sunny Miami Beach. Go one-on-one with Bruce Campbell, star of Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe, and Burn Notice creator, writer, and executive producer, Matt Nix.

12:30-1:30 Psych— Calling all Psych-o's! USA Network's Psych is back at Comic-Con with another hilarious panel featuring the stars and producers behind one of cable's most popular shows. Moderated by Psych's resident morgue-dweller and fan favorite, Woody the Coroner (acclaimed actor Kurt Fuller), the one-hour panel will be full of surprises and face-time with series stars James Roday (Shawn Spencer), Dulé Hill (Burton "Gus" Guster), Maggie Lawson (Juliet O'Hara), Tim Omundson (Carlton Lassiter), Kirsten Nelson (Chief Karen Vick), and Corbin Bernsen (Henry Spencer). Joining the cast are Steve Franks (creator and executive producer), Kelly Kulchak (executive producer) and Chris Henze
(executive producer). The cast and creative team will share secrets and stories from the set as well as answer questions about the show. Expect exclusive videos, surprise giveaways, live performances, and an extended preview of Season 6 episodes screened only for Comic-Con fans!



7 July 2011

Self-proclaimed B-movie actor Bruce Campbell may not keep status for much longer


He is Ash, the wisecracking hero with a chainsaw hand from the "Evil Dead" movies. He is Autolycus, the comical "King of Thieves" from the "Hercules: The Legendary Journies" and "Xena: Warrior Princess" television series. He is an aging mummy-battling Elvis Presley in the horror-comedy "Bubba Ho-Tep." And among nearly 100 other characters, self-proclaimed B-movie actor Bruce Campbell is now retired Navy SEAL Sam Axe from USA Network's hit spy show, "Burn Notice."

Instead of gaining fame as a pretty marquee face in blockbuster movies, Campbell's notoriety is the result of years spent in the blue collar world of acting. Originally from the suburbs of Detroit, he is a work-for-hire performer who just happened to appear in enough movies and TV shows he got to be well known. It didn't hurt that his roles in the aforementioned cult favorites (not to mention his turns in "Maniac Cop," "Escape from L.A.," "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.") made Campbell a pop culture stalwart. Campbell has even traded in on his working-class cult actor status in those Old Spice commercials, a meta movie "My Name is Bruce" - where he played himself - and two books, "If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor" and "Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way."

But it is getting more difficult for the 53-year-old to claim "B" status.

click here for full article


Contributor: Barbara Davies



6 July 2011

Upcoming Convention Appearances


Actors from Xena are scheduled to make appearances at various upcoming conventions...

Wizard World LA Sept. 24-25
Brittney Powell

Wizard World Chicago Aug. 11-14
Bruce Campbell

Monster-Mania August 19-21
Ted Raimi
Tony Todd

DragonCon September 2-5
Tony Todd



5 July 2011

Gina Torres Talks About her new series "SUITS"


In the new USA Network series SUITS, Gina Torres portrays Jessica Pearson, a name partner at a New York City law office, whose hot-shot legal protege Harvey Specter has just hired a savant con man to pose as a new lawyer at their office. The ensuing legal gamesmanship and high-powered chess match leads them all down a path, which either leads to their redemption or an ethical morass that could jeopardize them all.

In portraying Jessica, the woman who mentored Harvey, what do you think motivated her to take on such an endeavor? Was she motivated by an altruistic reason, personal reason or just plain curiosity?
Gina: I think what moves anybody to mentor somebody, who turns out to be as big a pain in the ass as Harvey, is potential. You see an undeniable potential in someone and if you feel that you can bring it forth, if you can nurture it in some way and have this person realize have this self-realization and the professional realization that they deserve, then I don’t see how you can turn away from that challenge or that experience.

Click here for full article



2 July 2011

Hudson Leick at con in Prague on Oct 8


MEET HUDSON will be held on 8th October 2011 in Prague, Czech
Republic. The admission for the all-day convention is 30 EUR (45 USD)
and as usual you will be able to buy Hudson’s autograph and photo op (with some surprise activities). In addition,a small trip will be organized to travel around Prague just for our foreign visitors the day before the event itself – for free. And don’t worry – the whole program that weekend will be translated into English.


Click here for Convention Page



1 July 2011

Adrienne Wilkinson added to 2012 Xena Con Guest list


Adrienne Wilkinson has joined Renee O'Connor, Tsianina Joelson, Katherine Fugate, Steve Sear, Melissa Good on the guest list for the 2012 Xena Convention in Burbank.

Click here for Convention page



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