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        7 March 2012

Hudson Leick To Join Ted Raimi at the 2012 French Xena Convention in October

Here's some more news about the upcoming Xena Con in France which will be held in October 2012. Guests already announced are Ted Raimi and now Hudson Leick.  Xenan Warr from the Xena Immortal site (the organisers of the convention) sent the following news in:

It's with a great pleasure that we announce you today that the 2nd guest is none other than the AMAZING and MIND BLOWING: Hudson Leick aka Callisto!





You'll have the pleasure to meet her at the convention, still so crazy, adorable and sexy! She can't wait to meet you and really would like to spend a unique moment with every one of you. She is absolutely the guest the Fans adore meet at the conventions because she knows to do the show!

During the convention, Hudson Leick will do a Yoga Class and only some of you will be able to attend it. The seats are very limited! More informations soon.

So, for the moment Ted Raimi and Hudson Leick will be attending the convention. This is wonderful, isn't it? We have two great actors who played an important role in XWP, who are coming to France to MEET you! Who would have believed it someday? Well, we did that for you and for us too, because do not forget that we are Fans too and we don't earn any benefit from it, except to offer an event worthy of the expectations of the Fans.

And you know it, it can't be a success without you. The more you are, the more we can make unbelievable things come true. So, don't hesitate anymore, get your pass!

You'll find all the necessary informations regarding the guests, the ticketing, the schedule, the place, etc, on that link:

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