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        14 September 2012

Happy To Announce the Upcoming Wedding Of...

Image634832005824882813How's that for a subject line. I am very pleased to announce the upcoming wedding of Penny Glasswell and Kathleen Cavanaugh! WOOHOO!

As many of you know Penny is an incredible lady with so much energy, I get tired watching her. She has done so much in the Xenaverse to support the fans, support Lucy and Renee and above all else is one of the nicest gals ever. I was thrilled when I received an invitation to her upcoming wedding at the 2013 Xena Con.

If you are at the convention and you want to stop by and watch the nuptials, here's the invite. Unfortunately I won't be at the Xena convention next year so I'm going to miss this wedding but I'll be there in spirit.




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