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        3 November 2012

Message from Adrienne Wilkinson About Xena/Venice Party!

Hey folks, here is a message from Adrienne about the upcoming (very last) Xena and Venice Party:

Hey all, So we've sold just over 1/2 of the Venice/Xena party tickets. Would love to have them all sold before Thanksgiving. To help with that, I'm willing to offer tickets on a payment schedule. Maximum of 3 payments. Contact fan


  • A few guests announced already (Zoe Bell, Crystal Chappell and Annika Noelle....and more to come!) 

**Also - I'm making 4 of our tickets available for free....if you have proof you donated $250 to #Sandy recovery/relief via redcross, humane society etc. I know there are a lot of causes for everyone to support and if you've already given funds towards #Sandy and would like to attend the party, let me know....I would love for you to join our event.



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