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        1 February 2021

Xena Fanfic - From XIPPY Archives 01 Feb 2021

Xena Fanfic - From XIPPY Archives 01 Feb 2021

Darkness Falls by Melissa Good
The rift in the series between Xena and Gabrielle was traumatic enough and I was dreading reading fanfic about it. Still, Missy came through with my favorite post-rift story that I have read so many times. She dealt with the issues that Xena and Gabrielle endured and crafted it into one of my all-time favorites. Darkness Falls is about that journey back from Tartarus that Xena and Gabrielle took -- a look into a relationship that withstood the angst and the bitterness. An exceptional story.

Deborah by L. Fox
I love this time period and I love the subject matter. Xena and Gabrielle meet Deborah - a prophetess in the land of Israel. She was a woman of courage. Xena and Gabrielle get shipwrecked and the story unfolds from there when Xena's help is required. A beautifully written story by one of my favorite authors.



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