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        29 August 2014

Xena’s 20th Anniversary and FINAL Official Xena Con Update

Image635449129714097725The countdown is on! Creation sent the following news related to the 20th Anniversary and FINAL Official Xena Convention for February 2015. Tickets (GOLD only at the moment) plus photo ops and autographs can now be ordered.


Guests so far

- Renee O’Connor
- Adrienne Wilkinson
- Hudson Leick
- David Franklin
- Steven Sears
- Tsianina Joelson
- Brittney Powell

with more guests to be added....

Creation Entertainment’s Official XENA Convention celebrates the 20th Anniversary of this milestone series as we honor the show, the stars and the production people we love!

This very special event, set for February 20-22, 2015 in Burbank, California, will be the absolute last Official Xena Convention. There will be no “votes” to continue, we all feel that the 20th Anniversary is the way to go out to honor the series that has meant so much to all of us.
We’re hard at work putting together an extra-special line up of guests, events, parties and attractions as fans from around the globe join one last time to celebrate.

Today we have launched the official site and begun to take orders for top of the line GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGES as well as autographs and photo ops where applicable. Look for MANY more exciting guest announcements in the future and THANK YOU for your decades of support. It has meant the world to us!

Click on through to: grab the last of the GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGES. Additional ticket options will become available soon, including single days, etc.



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