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Some of the BEST Bards on the Xenaverse!

These page contain stories based on the hit show "Xena: Warrior Princess" which is the highest rating syndicated show!

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The Bard's Scroll

New section on the bard's thoughts about the show and their creative endeavours.




Eleusinian Mysteries
The Peloponnesian War Book I: Precursors
The Peloponnesian War Book II: Poteidaia Under Siege
The Peloponnesian War Book III: The Mytilene Debate
The Peloponnesian War Book IV: The Battle of Amphipolis
Read The Fine Runes
Of Amazons, Warriors, and Revenge


The Banshee's Wail
Myth Deeds and Daring Do
The Devil's Advocate - Part 1
The Devil's Advocate - Part 2
The Sunne in Gold - (Part 1) Book 1
The Sunne in Gold - (Part 1) Book 1
The Hour of the Jackel - Part 1
The Hour of the Jackel - Part 2
Reality Takes a Bite or The Honeymoon is Over

Batsky & Wordee (Bat Morda & WordWarior)

The Adventures of Batsky & Wordee - Part 1 The Adventures of Batsky & Wordee - Part 2


The Dance of Destiny


New Dimensions Dimension of the Heart
Dimension's Hope
Gabrielle's Rules
Sweet Surrender

Dr Bob

Xena: The Animated Adventures
The Spring Festival
A Soul Reunited
The Silent City
What Price Redemption

Jamie Boughen

Soul Full Of Tears
Reflections of an Old Woman
Two Hearts, One Whole
Anger is My Shield
Valley of Hidden Fears
Choices in Life

SL. Bowers

Chiaroscuro - Part 1: Tales of Light and Dark
- Part II: The Queen and the Soldier
Chiaroscuro - Part III: Innamorata
Chiaroscuro - Part IV: This Fire
Chiaroscuro - Part V: Time of Grace
Chiaroscuro - Part V: Walk Through Fire (Concluson)
When The Night Closes In
The Immortal Scrolls: Story 1

Cousin Liz

Illuminations of the Soul
And Still She Follows


Puzzle Pieces
The Rift
That Damned Kiss
Blood Innocence
Live To Tell
Building a Mystery
Interview with The Fortunate One


A New Hope
Clouds of Darkness
Guardian of Growth
Strength of Rejection
Search of Repent

de Bonheur

And Fair Truth

Gina L. Dartt

Enemy Mine
Enemy Ours
Goddess of Truth
Nothing Remembered

Petra de Jong




As Darkness Fell
The Hunter
Dragon's Child

Larry Dudock

The Toughest Thing


A Bard Day's Night
The Marriage of Xena and Gabrielle Eating Out Trick of the Moonlight
What Are Little Girls Made Of - Parts 1 to 4
What Are Little Girls Made Of - Parts 5 - 6
What Are Little Girls Made Of - Parts 7 - 9
What Are Little Girls Made Of - Parts 10 - 12
What Are Little Girls Made Of - Parts 13 - 14
What Are Little Girls Made Of - Parts 15 - 16
What Are Little Girls Made Of - Parts 17 - 19
What Are Little Girls Made Of - Parts 20 - Epilogue


A Mother's Plea
The Contest
The Vacation
The Huns
The Long Road Back


Justice in Walsas
Fan Fiction
For Better or Worse
Gift of Gab
On Uncertain Ground
In A Man's World



Vada Foster

Out Of This Darkness
A Quest of a Different Colour
Poetic Justice
Full Circle

L. Fox

The Warrior's Lament
Blood Ties
The Unmentionables
Haah Noon
Eternal Warrior
Lucy & the Moon Men
Buccaneer Xena
Xena: Warrior Quaterback
Reflections of a Heart Most Pure
The Cage of Elysis
Three Wishes for Gabrielle
A Bard's Faith
Beloved Enemy
It Takes a Thief...And a Couple of Sidekicks
The Favor
Buccaneer Xena: The Sea-quel
When Xena Came to O-Town


The Enchantment?
Enchanted Again?


The Past is Past is The Past
Tortured Soul



To Tell The Truth
The Xena Files
Until Xena
From Time to Time



The Long Road From China Part 1
The Long Road From China Part 2
The Long Road From China Part 3


The Warrior's Tale


Melissa Good

A Warrior By Any Other Name
At a Distance
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Bound - Part 1
Bound - Part 2
Bound - Part 3
Bound - Part 4
Bound - Part 5
Bound - Part 6
Bound - Part 7
Bound - Part 8
Bound - Part 9
Bound - Part 10 (Final)
Winter's Ending - Part 1
Winter's Ending - Part 2
Winter's Ending - Part 3
Winter's Ending - Part 4
Winter's Ending - Part 5
Winter's Ending - Part 6
Winter's Ending - Part 7
Winter's Ending - Part 8 (Final)
The Longest Night - Part 1
The Longest Night - Part 2
The Longest Night - Part 3
The Longest Night - Part 4
The Longest Night - Part 5
The Longest Night - Part 6
The Longest Night - Part 7
The Longest Night - Part 8 (Concluson)
Reflections From The Past - Part 1
Reflections from the Past - Part 2
Reflections from the Past - Part 3
Reflections from the Past - Part 4
Reflections from the Past - Part 5 (Conclusion)
Darkness Falls - Part 1
Darkness Falls - Part 2
Darkness Falls - Part 3

L. Graham

The Sweetest Dreams
Sherwood: Part One
Sherwood: Part Two
Sherwood: Part Three
Sherwood: Part Four
Prelude to a Dig
The Second Time
Promises to Keep: A Tale of Sherwood

Rebecca Hall

Dreams of the Nile
The Payment
Heaven Down Here

The Handpuppet

The Gabrielle Scrolls


Allyson Heisey

The Lost Scrolls of the Amazons


L.N. James

Breaking Bread
Magnetic North
Far Away/So Close
The Gala
Swan Song
Welcome Home
Both Hands


A Fine Messiah
A Scene I'd Like To See
A Xena For the 90's
Callisto's Dream
Heart of a Warrior
Iolaus Trick in the Book
Journey to Cirra
MTV's Real World...Xena!
The Fourth Day
Sword of Ares
Perfect Trust


The Third Wheel
A Fine Line


The Sea and the Spring Leaves
Light Mist Falling


Xena and the Rev
Xena's Therapy
The Incident
Coming Out
Coming Out - Part Deux
Coming Out - The Wedding
Coming Out - The Reception
Coming Out - The Honeymoon
Changing of the Bard
Gabrielle's Hopeless
The Debit - Part 1
The Debit - Part 2
Maternal Mistakesnew.gif (908 bytes)
Bitter Treat new.gif (908 bytes)

Judy (Wishes)


Kama Xutra


Warlord Daze - Chapters 1 - 28

Katelin B  

Best Friend
The Bubble Bath
Paybacks - Part 2 of The Bubble Bath
Eternal Suffering - Part 1
Eternal Suffering - Part 2
Eternal Suffering - Part 3 (Conclusion)
Reflections of Love

Death of a Nation - Book 1

To Rescue a Friend - Part 1
To Rescue a Friend - Part 2
To Rescue a Friend - Part 3
To Rescue a Friend - Part 4
(End of Book 1)

Death of a Nation - Book 2

What Happens Now? - Part 1

Trish Kerr (Phopas)  

About That Kiss
Heart and Soul
Vacation in Tartarus

Laine Roberta Lawless  

Laine Roberta Lawless' picture Laine's Bio

Changing Course
The Truth
Comrades in Arms
Dark Heart
Xena and the Moon Goddess


Amity Reborn
The Better Part of Valor
Footprints in the Dust
Full Circle
The Noble Heart
Trust Fund
Whispers of the Heart
Healer's Choice
The Silver Fox
The Mouths of Babes
She Aint Heavy...

Maggie & Peribear

A Week In the Lives or The Week That Was Part 1 of 3
A Week In the Lives or The Week That Was Part 2 of 3
A Week In the Lives or The Week That Was Part 3 of 3


The Price of Silence

Maureen McGowan

Rite of Passage
Girl Talk
A Test of Friendship
The Homecoming
The Promise
Loss of Innocence

B L Miller

The Show
Ulysses Revisited
Mothers (Alt-fic version)  Mothers (non-altfic version)
About Artemis
Card's Anyone?
A Queen's Sacrifice
The Silent Bard
The Treaty
The Cabin
Charon's Troubles
Guilt, Love & Forgiveness

Bat Morda

The Search for Amphipolis
Assassin, Oracle, Bard
Is There a Doctor on the Dig?
What If
Minor Adjustments
The Binds That Tie
The Binds That Tie II: The Tacky Sequel


Journey's Gift
Fate's Gift


The Warrior's Love
The Undone Warrior
To Trust a Warrior

Anne O'Donnell


M. Parnell  

Origins Chapters 1 -3
Origins Chapters 4 - 6
Origins Chapters 7 - 9
Origins Chapters 10 - 12
Origins Chapters 13 - 14
Origins Chapters 15 - 17
Origins Chapters 18 - 20
Origins Chapters 21 - 22
Origins Chapters 23 - 24
Origins Chapters 25 - 27
Origins Chapters 28 - 30
Origins Chapters 31 - 33
Origins Chapters 34 - 38
Origins Chapters 39 - 41
Origins Chapters 42 - 44
Origins Chapters 45 - 47
Origins Chapters 48 - 50 (Conclusion)
A Woman Called Alika
Rope Trick
Dialog With A God
Miles to Go
Tartarus - Chapter 1 - 8
Tartarus - Chapter 9 - 11
Tartarus - Chapter 12 - 14


Cerberus' Challenge
Empathy's Cost
Alice's Alternative

Amy J. Putnam  


Ella Quince 

In The Dark
Deja vu All Over Again
No Place For Fear
Childish Games
The Return from Poteidaia
Well of Sighs
The Tavenkeeper's Sister
The Broken Thread
Visiting Hours
An Old Promise


A Warlord's Legacy
Have Whip Will Travel
The Further Adventures of Janice and Mel - The Aegis
The Demon
The Further Adventures of Janice and Mel - House on Redmond Hill


A Different Kind of Rift - Chapters 1 -2
A Different Kind of Rift - Chapter 3
A Different Kind of Rift - Chapter 4
A Different Kind of Rift - Chapter 5
A Different Kind of Rift - Chapter 6
A Different Kind of Rift - Chapter 7
A Different Kind of Rift - Chapter 8


All Through The Night
Whatever It Takes

Roc-it scientist

Xena's Gown


A Simple Memory
The Last Scroll


Kiss of Lethe


The Long Way Home



Debt of Life
Moral Dilemma
Time of Vengence
Tommorrows Passed
Silent Conformity (Xena)
Summer Rain
Warrior's Hands
Journeys of Perspective
Steelsong (Gabrielle)
Ephiny's Song
Blind (Gabrielle/Xena)


Primal Fears
Darkest Harvest
A Crown of Laurel
One Last Warlord
The Evening's Tale
The Great Turkey Mystery
Wake Up!
Love's Choice
A Warrior's Friend
The Great Turkey Crusade
Ares' Curse
Ares' Chosen
Heart's Choice
Passage Into Darkness - Part 1
Passage Into Darkness - Part 2
Passage Into Darkness - Part 3
Harder Please
Fate's Choice

Silent Bard  

The Bitter and Sweet of It

S. Singer  

Cause & Effect

Elaine Sutherland  

Women in Prison
The Pappas Journals
Lao Ma's Kiss


War of Silence
Forests of Eyulf: Instincts of Blue - Part 1
Forests of Eyulf: Instincts of Blue - Part 2

Mil Toro

Dark Beauty
Beneath The Smouldering Armour
A Kiss Is Just A Kiss
The Smell of Her Britches

Crossing X's
Down to the Darkness
Gabrielle Takes Xena Home
Liquid Fire
The Magical Orb
Pathway to Love
Play Ball, Xena
Xellen's Universal Chat
Xena vs Hockey's Dead Things
Xena's Kisses
Xena and Lucy go Shopping
Xena and Gabrielle Spin The Pin Bottle

Trill & Shadow  

The Memo Bunch


The Wrath of the Gods
Behind Cold Eyes

Rebecca Weiner  

The Reward

J C Wilder

My Protector
Tender Abandon
Christmas in Costa Rica
Dancing in the Dark

Catherine M. Wilson  

Wedding Night
Gabrielle's Answer
Child's Play
Dancing Day

Catherine M. Wilson and Donna E. Trifilo

After the Honeymoon 1: A Surprise
After the Honeymoon 2: Partners in Grime
After The Honeymoon 3: Joxer The Mighty
After the Honeymoon 4: Sex and Violence
After The Honeymoon 5: Reality Check
After The Honeymoon 6: Co-dependent No More
After The Honeymoon 7: 12 Steps To Mycenae
After The Honeymoon 8: Spring Chicken
After The Honeymoon 9: Who's On Top


Truth Or Dare
The Child
Her Xena
Just Another Dead Warlord
When Xena Came To Town
The Testament
The Babysitter
The Warrior's Journal
Night At The Theatre
The Empty Heart
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And I think of Her..
It's For You
Keep It Precious
The Letting Go
The Challenge
Benefit of Doubt
Full Range
Stolen Hearts
The Longing
She Had Many Skills


Blind Faith Restored
This Little Dare