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Gal Talks About Wonder Woman Solo Movie | AUSXIP Girl Power - Strong Female Characters in Books, Movies and TV

Coming Soon has a great interview with Gal about Wonder Woman solo movie

Gal Gadot talks difference in Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman, Solo Movie

The Dawn of Justice has arrived, and with it the first instance of DC’s Trinity on screen together in a film. Batman and Superman have appeared in over a dozen movies over the years, but Wonder Woman has finally made her debut. Even better, the character will be getting her own movie next summer, but she’ll be a little different than the version you just saw in theaters.

“The Wonder Woman that you see in ‘Batman v Superman’ is a woman who has been around, and she’s very experienced,” Gadot tells The LA Times. “She understands a lot about man. Whereas in the standalone movie we are telling the grown-up story. Diana becoming Wonder Woman, and this was a story that was never told before. When she starts this journey, she’s very pure. She’s more naive, she’s this young idealist who does not really understand the complexities of life and the complexities of men.”

Gadot goes on to describe her take on Wonder Woman, in particular when she finds herself fighting a massive villain such as Doomsday.

“At the end of the day Wonder Woman is a peace seeker. But when fight arrives, she can fight. She’s a warrior and she enjoys the adrenaline of the fight.”

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