I love Will & Grace and so does NBC.  NBC has renewed the show even before Season 9 has ended (they have two more episodes left of Season 9). What’s even better news? They have renewed it through to Season 11 AND upped the episode number from 13 to 18.

Season 10:
Season 10 will debut in Autumn (that’s Fall for you Americans) 2018.

Season 11
Season 11 we get 18 episodes and that will premiere in Autumn 2019.

Further reporting from Deadline from Paleyfest:

“We have been picked up for five more episodes next year, so we’re not doing 13, we’re doing 18,” he said, while cast members Debra Messing and Eric McCormack got up and did a little dance on the PaleyFest stage, and Megan Mullally kicked up her legs up in delight.

“There’s certainly a pressure to live up to it this time around,” McCormack said of the revival, “but we knew we could be these characters again. I just feel like this has been a magic carpet ride, this reboot.”

“I was pretty excited to see what was going on in Grace’s life at that time,” Messing added. “I loved the fact that she was a single working woman, who was thriving and happy, and had great friendships and was just doing great.”

Mullally said she’d had a “psychic” feeling the show would come back as soon as she saw the script for the short election video that would eventually spark the show’s revival.

“When I first read the election video script,” she said, “I put it down and I emailed Max Mutchnick, and I said, ‘Why can’t we just do the show again?’ And he emailed back, ‘We can.’ And neither of us knew, we just pulled it out of asses. But I just got this strong, incredibly overpowering feeling that we would do the show again.”