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Donations raised from 2006 – 2020
:  $231,245.77



AUSXIP Charity Auction Ends With a Bang + Renee Message to Fans About The Auction
Posted on: 7 September 2021

My goodness, that was one heck of a ride for 4 days! I'm beyond stoked with the results as is The Starship Foundation and Renee O'Connor / House of Bards Theatre Company. The bidding wars were FIERCE (I love bidding wars, as long as I'm not in them) and I…

AUSXIP Charity Auction Catalogue Now Online!
Posted on: 7 August 2021

The 2021 AUSXIP Charity Auction is nearly here. Uploaded the catalogue which has the entire inventory (to date) of 142 items with pics, item description and link to the individual page. So bookmark your favourites! Catalogue Download the AUSXIP Charity Auction Catalogue (PDF) Register for the Auction Register for the…

AUSXIP Greater Good Celebrates 15 Years Online!
Posted on: 16 July 2021

AUSXIP Charity Auction is fast approaching! September 1 - 4, 2021! I'm working on getting the AUSXIP Charity Auction items into the database for the September 1 - 4, 2021 kickoff and I realised something. This is our 15th year!!! Damn. It was born in 2006 to celebrate AUSXIP's 10th…

24th Xena Anniversary and 2019 AUSXIP Charity Auction Raises $11,201.55!
Posted on: 5 September 2019

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR AWESOME SHOW! 24 Years and still this fandom's heart beats. It has changed our lives in so many different ways. I've been reading the submissions for the Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World book and let me tell you, it will move you to tears. Extraordinary.…

2019 AUSXIP Charity Auction Update
Posted on: 26 August 2019

Updates have been sporadic due to the work being done to prepare for the 2019 AUSXIP Charity Auction starting on September 01 to 04, 2019. Lots of exciting goodies including some pretty rare items! You can now access the following pages. If you would like to participate in the auction,…

AUSXIP Charity and The House of Bards Presents...Renee O'Connor Hosted Henna Party!
Posted on: 1 August 2019

AUSXIP Charity & The House of Bards are going to bring you something EXTRA SPECIAL for the upcoming 2019 AUSXIP Charity Auction. How would you like to be in a party of 5 for Henna painting with RENEE O'CONNOR? You do? Register at…

Why Did AUSXIP Choose House of Bards To Support....
Posted on: 13 June 2019

I've been asked why AUSXIP chose House of Bards Theatre Company as one of our charities. That's an interesting question. We live in a world that is increasingly become difficult and quite distressing. Storytellers have taken us out of our world and transported us as far as our imaginations and…

AUSXIP Welcomes Renee O'Connor's House of Bards Theatre Company As Official Charity
Posted on: 11 June 2019

AUSXIP Greater Good (our charity arm) has joined forces with Renee O'Connor's House of Bards Theatre Company and it will become our second official charity that we will support. I'm pleased to announce, with consultation with Renee O'Connor, AUSXIP will add House of Bards Theatre Company as part of…

2018 AUSXIP Starship Auction Raised $13,293.97!
Posted on: 4 September 2018

Happy Xenaversary everyone!!!Auction Update:With the support of the Xenaverse, actors such as Renee O'Connor, Lucy Lawless, Adrienne Wilkinson and many others, we have raised (tentative total, not counting any additional donations) $13,293.97 NZD. That brings our combined total for all auctions held since 2006 to a whopping $204,250.66Just an amazing number. Xena's legacy…

The 11th AUSXIP Starship Charity Auction is now LIVE!
Posted on: 1 September 2018

The 11th AUSXIP Starship Charity Auction is now LIVE! 100% of money raised goes directly to Starship. Let's raise a hell of a lot of money for Starship! Thank you for all your support. You have 4 days to bid on 324 items - if you don't want to bid…

11th Annual AUSXIP Charity Auction Catalog Now Available
Posted on: 26 August 2018

The AUSXIP Starship Charity Auction Catalog is now available. You can download the catalog that has all the auction items (300) with the image, auction ID, auction link to individual items. Peruse the catalog, bookmark what you want and go and bid on it starting September 1. AUSXIP Charity…

AUSXIP Charity Auction Upcoming ROC Autographed Pics and Poster!
Posted on: 31 July 2017

It was an awesome weekend (even though I couldn't attend the Tampa Comic Con where Renee was on the weekend) She signed autographs, did a Q&A, photo ops and more. Renee was also busy making me every happy by donating some autographed photos AND a gorgeous poster. Check them out…

Letter of Appreciation from Starship to AUSXIP and Fans Who Supported the Auction
Posted on: 24 February 2017

I received the following letter from Starship regarding AUSXIP's 20th anniversary charity auction where we raised $18,000! Click on the thumbnail to view the larger scan.…

2016 AUSXIP 20th Anniversary Charity Auction Tentative Totals & A Word of Thanks!
Posted on: 16 December 2016

Wow what an exciting and exhilarating day this has been! I'm totally buggered but I've been crunching numbers and it has perked me right up. We have some tentative totals (tentative in the case that people may have donated instead of bid, people rounding up (they do that A LOT)…

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  • September 01, 2021
    AUSXIP Publishing – Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World (Hardback, Paperback and Digital)
    $10,000 (Divided between The Starship Foundation and The House of Bards Theatre Company)


  • September 2019 AUSXIP Charity Auction: $11,201.55!Starship Foundation: $6701.55
    House of Bards: $4500.00



  • September 2018 AUSXIP Charity Auction: $13,293.00



  • AUSXIP’s 20th Anniversary Auction: $18,062.58



  • March 2015 AUSXIP Charity Auction: $25,538.00



  • March 2014 AUSXIP Charity Auction: $16,116



  • March 2013 AUSXIP Charity Auction
    For Starhsip Total Raised: $13,383.06

  • Amnesty International – Lucy Matchbox $500.00

  • March 2013 AUSXIP Charity Auction – Special Addition
    for British Columbia Alzheimer Society $300.00



  • September 2012 AUSXIP Hosted Starship Spring Clean
    Total Raised: $7,708.00
  • March 2012 AUSXIP Charity Auction to raise money for Starship
    Total raised: $21,168





  • March 2010 AUSXIP Charity Auction to raise money for Starship, ROC Outreach Fund and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – Total Raised: $17,610



  • May 2009 – Team Amazon / AIDS LifeCycle Auction – $8,000

  • March 2009 – AUSXIP Charity Auction Money raised: $18,165.24



  • Mar 2008 – Lucy Lawless 40th Birthday Auction
    Money Raised:  $16,173.86

  • The Beanie Baby Auction has ended, and the donations total (NZ$4,604). The proceeds will be split evenly between The Kevin Smith Family Fund and Starship Children’s Health.



  • Dec 2006 – AUSXIP 10th Anniversary Auction
    Money Raised: $15,158.56

    The Starship Foundation: $11,917.74

    The Renee O’Connor Outreach Fund: $3,240.82



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