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AUSXIP Sasha Alexander Q&A -
Sasha Answers Fan Questions From Twitter

Compiled by Lori
- February 2016

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I asked on Twitter for fans to submit questions for Sasha and now she is answering them. This is the first part of her responses. More to come....

@KikaCR-What would be Maura’s perfect nickname for Jane?- Janie’s got a gun

@maurxisles – What’s your favorite character trait about Maura? - Her honesty

@helensrunyouns – Would you ever consider playing a character similar to Dr. Isles again?- Absolutely 

@panalarrilla, @MargheritAxen – What will you miss most about Maura?-  Her positivity, pure spirit, and her wardrobe 

@BabsF66 – will you keep some of Maura’s outfits and shoes?- Every season I steal a few choice pieces 

@viewing44– What is the 1 thing you will miss when the show ends? - The crew 

@titicrldart – What will you never forget about filming Shameless?- Being in bed with Jeremy and two cameramen and getting the giggles after 3 hours

@laleuge7 – Do you have a favorite book? If so, which one?- “ A Tale of Two Cites” by Charles Dickens

@rushj44 – What goals have you set for yourself this year?-  Read more, meditate, visit places I have never been to and unplug from technology

@debbyguary – what was it like working with your husband on Coming and Going?-  The best experience ever! Even though he was really tough on me as a director.

@audrey10011980 – how do you prepare for a new role?- Read the part over and over again, research, discuss, explore.

@BabsF66 – have you made any progress in learning French and its mighty R?- As an American I’m not sure I will ever tackle the mighty R

@ilmiosognovero – What inspires you?-  My children, my husband, truth & people who think