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Xippy Award Winners - Uber Stories

The award winning stories are listed in alphabetical order

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A Feast of All Souls by Joseph Connell
Alt Uber

Redhawk created the genre of Xena - the immortal - and this installment of the series is one of the best. It picks up where Redhawk left off - Xena comnig back to Gabrielle after Callisto (still a God) kills the immortal Xena. Xena finds a way to return after many centuries but without a memory of her former lift - this story reveals what happens. There is also extreme danger to Gabrielle, who herself is an immortal and a bacchae! One of my favourite series and this installment is fantastic! A Great read
Awarded: 15 October 1999

The Agent by C. Paradee
Uber Alt

C Paradee has written one of the best Uber stories in the xenaverse with this tale. It's the story of Tony Viglioni a FBI undercover operative who wants out and wants to be an average FBI agent. She gets sent to help solve a series of murders - a murderer who doesn't leave any clues. There she meets Megan Donnovan and her priorities change dramatically as they search for the serial killer. A very interesting read and well written.
Awarded: 8 October 1999

Alias Smith & Jones by Advocate & T. Novan

Once I stopped laughing so hard I had tears running down my cheeks, I decided to give this an award. It's one of the hysterical stories I have ever read. Delilah Foster & Dixie Wagner follow the great tradition of those tv preachers who swindle money from good Christian people. What they don't bank on is a visit from 'God' and his mama. They are soon turned from their bad ways and want to give away the money but it's not so easy. This is a must read if you want a pick me up and a really feel good story.
Awarded: 28 April 2002

A Valiant Heart by D

This is the story of Randi Valiant (a marine) and Gwen (a storyteller). The story takes us through their lives as Randi goes off to war and Gwen wonders what might have been had she been honest about her feelings for the tall, dark haired woman. Saying any more will spoil the story so sit back and enjoy a thoroughly well written story.
A Valiant Heart on


The Battle by Wishes
Alt Uber

The Battle is kind of different story. Set in the future where people can be imprisoned for writing about the governement (or maybe not in the future...). It's a very dark and it's not for everyone - it will make you upset at the injustice. It is the story of Caroline who is a young technician who cares for the prisoners sent to a Medical facility. Elizabeth is her patient who undergoes genetic breed a better and stronger human (now where have we see that in real life?). Wishes has given us a glimpse into our world (or maybe Orwell's future/present). An excellent read.
Awarded: 21 October 1999

Before The Dawn of Time by BladeMast
Alt Uber (I think)

Okay I think this must be the first Uber in the whole wide universe :-) Puts another meaning to going BOOM. It's a delightful piece that had me just grinning. Now I think it's a alt fanfic..but I'm not quite sure <g>

Bloodlust by Protek
Alt Uber

Set in the Series created by Redhawk. Xena is an immortal and Rickie is the reincarnated Gabrielle. This particular tale involves Xena's meeting with Vlad The Impaler of Count Dracula fame. If you love the Immortal Xena series then you will love this one!
Awarded: 26 November 1999

Blood Red Scream by Tragedy88
Alt Uber

This story was one of the first Ubers that I say I detested Uber is an understatement. This story gripped me from the start with the story of two very unlikely people meeting, falling in love and discovering that danger lurks for both of them. Very well written and the story just screams (no pun intended) a classic in the Uber genre.
Awarded: 26 November 1999

Blood Ties by Ella Quince
Uber Alt - Blood and Roses Series

This is a beautiful but sad story about Gabrielle, who is an immortal, visiting for the last time a member of her family. Written very beautifully. A tissue job folks
Awarded: 17 December 1999

The Burning Candle by AH-Ladis
Alt - Uber

I absolutely adored this story the first time I read it. AH-Ladis has written a beautifully told story. It deals with Xena and Gabrielle in the land of Babylon. I don't want to give too much away but Xena is a child in a grown up body - the tender compassion and love that Gabrielle shows this child is so precious. They are captured and are to be sold as slaves and this is where their adventure begins. A thoroughly good read.
Awarded: 1 December 1999

Burning Time by Sandakat
Alt Uber

This is a tale of two old souls's a beautifully written story that got me involved and I couldn't put it down until I finished it. It's the story of Dr Rene Covington and Firefighter Dina Pakadios who ignite their own fire when they meet. As I said above a beautifully written story
26 November 1999


Chicago 5 AM by LN James
Uber - Alt

This piece of fanfic is quite intriguing and very well written. It's the story of an FBI agent and a private detective who team up to stop a slave market ring. I don't want to give too much away. It does contains scenes of drug taking and bondage but it doesn't dwell on these for very long. The main story deals with the relationship and how these two people meet and how it affects their lives. A thoroughly good read and one I hope would have a sequal.
Awarded: 15 November 1999

Cold War by L. Fox
Uber Alt

Set during the mistrustful days of the cold war between the US and Russia this is quite a story of a young woman, Rachel Clark, is accused of being a spy. She is kidnapped and meets her Russion interrogator, Valenta Alekseyev, a woman efficient in her job and considered the best. This is quite a good story, very well written and had me shouting for more.
Awarded: 22 September 2000

The Coward by Mark Annetts
Uber Alt

Terry Farmer is a private investigator living alone and liking it until she meets Nikkoletta Takis, the daughter of shipping tycoon. Hired as her private bodyguard despite her misgivings, Farmer begins the long journey of falling in love and trying to protect Nikki in the process. A few surprises are in store for the tall, dark haired investigator on this journey. An Excellent read.
Awarded December 2001

Crimson Snow by Advocate
Uber Alt

This is the sequel to Connections which first introduced Gumby (aka Claire) and Mandy (Amanda). Claire is a successful lawyer and Amanda is a pyschologist. A normal vacation for these two is ruining by an ex client of Amanda's and then all hell breaks loose. A very well written story with characters that grow.
Awarded: 31 December 1999

Dark Promise by Katrina (pts 1-3)and Sharon Bowers (pts the rest...)
Uber - Alt (Unfinished)

I wasn't a big fan of Buffy...until I read this story. This is a crossover of Buffy and Xena in the Blood and Roses series on Katrina's site. An ABSOLUTE fantastic read and I would like Sharon to update this soon <g> This story is based on the premise that Gabrielle, the daughter of Bacchus and immortal and Xena, the daughter of Ares and also an immortal team up with Buffy to fight an oncoming darkness. Even if you don't like Buffy at the moment...this whole series will hook you in. The Blood and Roses Series got me hooked and it's one of my favourites!
Awarded: 23 September 1999

DC by Tendre
Uber Alt - Unfinished

This story had me laughing out loud with the zingiest one   liners I have read ever! It's the story (set as a teleplay format) of an FBI agent Zora Dexter sent on a new assignment - guard the President's daugher from terrorists! The daughter is Noelle "Nellie" Corrigan the worst nymphomaniac since Clinton   Hysterical but also can be quite serious as Zora tries despreately to keep Nellie alive. A must read
Awarded: 8 October 1999

Dead Fall by Anne Azel
Alt Uber

We were first introduced to Alberta in the Seasons series Spring Rains by Anne and I was sold on the character even if she did something that worried me <g> You have to read Spring Rains to see the first time we meet Alberta. Alberta goes back home and lands in an investigation of a crime that goes back quite a few years. It's a very good story with a flawed hero.
Awarded: 13 January 2000

Dead Funny by Anne Azel
Uber - Alt

I'm a big murder mystery fan and Anne brings back my favourite forensic pathologist Dr Alberta "Aliki" Patea with this very interesting story about a serial killer who targets tall, dark haired women. Alberta is reunited with Dawn and Mac and they make a decision about their future. Added to the mix is my other favourite Anne Azel couple, Robbie and Janet Williams with as surprise addition to Robbie's family. Excellent storytelling.
Awarded: 7 July 2000

The Deal by M. Ryan
Uber Alt

I'm always fascinated how a bard can weave a story and snare you from the word go...well M. Ryan has done that and more. This is the story of Laura "Kaz" Kazdan and Christine Hanson. These two meet and things literally explode <g> Where Chris is trouble surely follows as Kaz finds out. It's also a first time story which is rather sweet. It's not finished yet but if you want a good read and don't mind the wait...go for it! Highly recommended.
Awarded: 30 September 1999


English Encounters - The Final Story by Anne Azel
Alt - Uber

English Encounters is the final story in the Encounters Series. It brings together two couples, Gunnel and Jamie and Robbie and Janet to where the rift all started - Brittania. It's a very interesting and thoroughly engrossing story. A few twists and turns are added to the mix and you get one heck of a good read. Do not miss.
Awarded: 26 May 2000

Exposure by XWPFanatic, T Muir & T. Novan
Uber Alt

This is a continuing series based on a look behind the scenes of news team. Two people come together - it's hate at first sight. Kelsey is a successful anchor woman ready for big things in the new biz and Harper is a hot shot, harley driving, reporter with alot of flair! Mix them together and you have one of the best teams since Xena and Gabrielle <g> I enjoyed this series from the first episode.
Awarded: 31 December 1999


Fields of Gray by Redcat
Alt Uber

Fields of Gray is a poignant story sure to bring a tear to your eye. It's the story of Morgan and Piper and the love that binds these two women together as they face the ultimate test. A very moving piece by Redcat who made me reach for the tissues.
Awarded: 1 July 2002

Flashpoint by ArdentTly
Alt Uber

Flashpoint is the third story dealing with the firefighter Zeen Phipolis and her partner Abby Dean. This story is dark - it's about Zeen's loss of control after she is caught in a chemical fire and the struggles she goes through. Very moving.
Awarded: 28 April 2000

Forces of Evil by TrishK
Alt Uber

This is a story from a new bard that has been hiding her talents. Two women meet in a sleepy little town. One is an ROTC Commander and the other a waitress. All is not what it seems. It's a riveting tale set against the backdrop of a sleepy little town where unbeknownst to the residents, a sinister plan is afoot! A very well written story that promises alot and delivers. DO NOT MISS!
Awarded: 16 March 2000

Forgotten Way by Tragedy88
Uber - Alt

This is a really interesting story. The Uber Gabrielle lives on a farm, with two horses and no one else in a very bigoted town. Uber Xena is the loner who passes through town, where a set of circumstances gets Dusty (Uber X) to come to the farm. An interesting look at small town mentality and bigotry with an added twist of the farmhouse having it's own story to tell. A thoroughly good read
Awarded: 15 November 1999

The Gravesbury Murders by Archeobard & Lariel
Uber Alt

Do not have any liquids near your computer when you read this. This has to be one of the funniest stories I've read in a long time. Weany Xena and her friend Amelia - who is a slightly obsessed Xena fan go on a murderous rampage all in the name of Xena Freedom! I want to say that AXIP does not condone the use of fanfic stuck in places where it shouldn't be stuck ;-) You just have to read this hilarious story written by two of the funniest bards I've ever met.
Awarded: 21 July 2000

Gun Shy by Lorelei
Uber Alt

Lori has woven a story that gripped from me the moment I had read the beta version she sent me. I said to myself this is going to explode on the net. It's the story of a Police Officer who goes to the rescue of a rape victim and makes a huge impression on the victim's friend - enough for her to enlist in the police force herself! We follow the lives of Desiree "Dez" Reilly - the big copy with a heart of gold, a loner until she meets Jaylynn Savage. Highly recommended if you haven't read this - please do.
Awarded: 30 September 1999

I Can't Do This Alone by Kamouraskan
Alt Uber

A young woman loses all hope when her mate dies. Carrying their child she thinks of ending her life until an accident occurs and she is reunited with her love and is fortified for what is to come when she wakes. A very moving story.

I Found My Heart in San Francisco - Book 1: Awakenings
by S X Meagher
Uber - Alt

This is a wonderful tale of two people who are totally opposite - both in upbringing and orientation coming together and developing a deep friendship that turns to love. It's an exploration of the friendship that is the main theme of this story. It's the first book in a 'alphabet' series about the lives of Ryan O'Flaherty and Jamie Evans. An excellent read. This is a huge story so I would suggest getting comfortable. or
Awarded: 2 June 2000

I Found My Heart in San Francisco - Book 2: Beginnings
by S X Meagher
Uber - Alt

Book Two continues the story of Ryan O'Flaherty and Jamie Evans. The story picks up where Book 1 left off. Ryan and Jamie are training for the AIDS bike ride and having to deal with their newly admitted love for each other. A very well paced novel, a little frustrating for Ryan as Jamie adjusts to their new relationship. An excellent followed up to Book 1
Awarded: 9 June 2000

I Found My Heart in San Francisco - Book 4: Disclosures
by S X Meagher
Uber - Alt

Book 3 continues the story of Ryan O'Flaherty and Jamie Evans. Now committed to each other, they move into Jamie's house but problems await them when Ryan finds it hard to leave home and family. Jaime decides to tell her parents about their relationship which has some very interesting results. A great followup. Get comfortable this is another long read <g>
Awarded: 20 October 2000

I Found My Heart in San Francisco Series Book 12: Lifeline
by SX Meagher

This is an incredible sequel to the 11th book by Susan. Ryan and Jamie. In Book 11: Karma, Jamie and Ryan are involved in a car jacking that has terryfing results. Lifeline picks up from that and deals with the effects of the car jacking has on Jamie and in particular Ryan. A very interesting look at how both women face the stress of those events.
Awarded: December 2001

It's All In Your Point of View (#1 in the Perspectives Series) by Minerva
Uber - Alt

This is the first story in the Perspectives series about Cory Donovan and Taylor Wilson who work together. Taylor is Cory's new boss and the series starts off with their first meeting and getting to know other. Minerva does a very good job of making giving these characters some depth which I really enjoyed and led me to reading the next parts of the series. Excellent writing.
Awarded: 7 July 2000

I Will Always Love You by Marcella Wiggins
Alt Uber

This is the story of two women - one an FBI agent whose job is to protect the CEO of a major hospital from a stalker. Marcella has written a tale that had me captivated and on the edge of my laptop <g> wondering what was going on. Very well written and the ending has a nice little twist.


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