2021 AUSXIP Charity Auction How To Pay For Your Auction Items

In Association with The Starship Foundation and The House of Bards

Auction Date: September 1 to 4, 2021

Congratulations! You have won item/s at the AUSXIP Charity Auction for The House of Bards. How do you pay for these items so they can be shipped to you?  Please follow the directions below. We have worked with Renee O’Connor and The House of Bards to make the process as easy as possible.  In the event you have a problem in payment, please contact MaryD

The House of Bards accepts payments with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or your bank account via Paypal


1. Please go to House of Bards Paypal Donation Form 

1. Enter the amount that you need to pay for your auction item/s – ie $20.00
If you have won MULTIPLE items, combine the total $ amount and enter the combined total

The amount entered will be in US Dollars.

PLEASE NOTE TO EUROPEAN DONERS: You will need to use a fullstop (period) instead of a comma when you enter the amount. For example: $50.00 instead of $50,00.

2. From the “Use this donation for” Dropdown box, Select AUSXIP HOB Auction – IT’S THE LAST ONE ON THE LIST.

3. Select DONATE  – please log into your account.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need a paypal account – you can use your credit card (Mastercard/Visa/American Express) instead. If you don’t have a paypal account, then you can select DONATE WITH A CARD. If you have problems, please contact MaryD


2. How to Send Money

In the ADD A NOTE section enter: AUSXIP HOB Auction – AUSXIP Charity Auction ID: (add the unique auction ID or multiple IDs for multiple items. If you do not add the Auction ID it will delay you getting your item.

Confirm you are sending the right amount.

SELECT Donate Now to finalize the payment.

You will receive a receipt of your payment once it’s payment has gone through.


Once that is processed, HOB will contact MaryD in 5-7 days time with all the winning bidders names and payment advice. We match our records with HOB and then we ship items out.

Please be aware that the address you have entered when you registered on the AUSXIP Charity Auction site will be used as your shipping address. If it is NOT accurate, your item with be sent to the wrong place and may be lost OR returned back to us which will incur additional shipping costs for us (or for you are outside the US).

Thank you for your support! Without your contributions AUSXIP Greater Good Charity Auctions will not be such a success!

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