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31 January 2011

Renee At 2011 Xena Convention - Photos!

AfterEllen has posted KT's gorgeous photos of Renee from the convention today. Here are a sample of them (larger sizes on the AfterEllen site)


Check out more pics and news on AfterEllen



31 January 2011

Lucy Is In The House! Lucy Attends 2011 Xena Convention!

Well lookee who showed up at the convention today? :) Rock the house Lucy!

Gotta love Lucy - she not only says she loves the fans, she shows it. Class act! Given all the Spartacus PR work Lucy has done over the last month (and it was wall to wall Sparty PR - just look at the AUSXIP Spartacus site to see the work Lucy has put in), she would be right to take some time off before she starts work again - this time on No Ordinary Family but no, Lucy shows up. For the fans. To thank the fans.

Click on the thumbnails for the larger pics - (C) 2011 Christa Morris

Want to see more pictures? While I wait for the pics to arrive, check out the AfterEllen Site which has KT's pics of all the con and in particular Renee's time and Lucy coming at at the end.


Click here to view the pics above and lots more



31 January 2011

2011 Xena Convention Update - Will Lucy Be At the Convention?

Today is the last day of the 16th Official Xena Convention.

ImageLucy rumours have circulating around the LAX Marriott around and around - you have the star of the show not present for the big party and there will be rumours of a surprise visit. Guaranteed. It's the Xenaverse, afterall and Lucy has just dropped in once before.

I don't think fans could forget the 2004 Xena Con where she surprised the heck out of Renee and the fans by popping up as the crazy fan with the unruly hair and denim jacket called Pat! Will Lucy be there to surprise Renee and the fans? Hmm..

There was a video shown by Sharon at the con where Lucy said she will be not be there because Julius and Judah had to start school.


So there you have it....



30 January 2011

New Xena and Gabrielle Artwork by LouLou


Added new artwork by LouLou of Xena and Gabrielle from A Friend In Need Part 2.


Click here to view larger artwork

and if you haven't caught up with the latest Lucy Lawless interview at starpulse - Lucy would have liked to have ended the show this way



30 January 2011

How Should Xena Have Ended by Lucy Lawless - Starpulse Interview 27 Jan 2011

ImageLucy was asked about Xena in a new interview with Starpulse. Here is the Q&A (and I agree with Lucy...X&G deserved to sail into the sunset and be happy).

I have to ask. A lot of 'Xena' fans are still very upset about the show’s ending. How would you have ended Xena if given the opportunity?

Lucy Lawless: I would have them sailing off into the sunset together. That way, people could dream about what adventures they would embark on next, as opposed to separating them forever. That was the most hurtful thing about 'Xena.' It’s a cool story if you think about it. In 'Spartacus' people are killed in the worst way all the time. It’s part of the show. However, it wasn’t right for 'Xena.' It’s such a shame to look back because it really hurt fans. People related to those characters in a unique way, creating a different kind of fandom. The 'Xena' fans are an incredible bunch.

Read full Interview



30 January 2011

Xena The Dog Saved!


An Update to the tweets about this gorgeous dog called Xena:

I received an email today from Heather about Xena! Yeay she's safe!:

I just talked to Jane Irk and she told me Xena the Dog is safe!! :) They have found a wonderful no kill animal shelter in Cincinatti, Ohio that wants to take her in and help find her a loving and nurturing permanent home of her very own. Jane said there has been such a huge response to Xena's plight.

Thank You,
Heather Spurlin

Read Original Plea to Help Xena



30 January 2011

2011 Xena Convention Reports & Pics From Around The Web

Here are some cool reports and pic links from the convention


AUSXIP Talking Xena 2011 Con Photos


Outtakes At Home Blog
- An Announcement - E Entertainment At The Con
- Xena con 2011 - Hudson, Hudson, Hudson!
- Xena Once Again

AfterEllen Blog - Christie Keith
- Claire Stansfield

-- Barbara Davies / MaryD



30 January 2011

The Generosity of Xenites - A Remarkable Auction For Brittney's Bra

ImageXena fans never cease to amaze me. We have our ups and we have our downs and our zigzags but one thing is as certain as the sun rises in the East: Xena fans are generous with their time and their money. It's one of the best things about this fandom and I love seeing it in action.

So having said that, I'm going to share an email I received from a mate at the con (with her permission). Ruth was there with all the other lucky peeps enjoying the con.

It was time for Brittney's performance and of course you can't have Brittney without having a mini auction. It has become a cherished custom at the con to have Brittney auction off her bra (while she is still wearing it). Having seen the last auction in 2010, it is a very competitive thing but you know she could be auctioning off her hair pin and it would still generate the level of giving (although the bra does have more of an appeal than a hairpin).

Here is Ruth's report:

"Just experienced the annual "charity free-for-all" for Brittney Powell's bra. People started the auction by bidding individually but that then turned into one side of the room vs the other side for total monies collected.

Our side had Linda from New Orleans leading... the other side of the room were last year's bra winners. After a heated contest our/Linda's side won with over $1400 dollars raised to the opposition's $1100+. I don't even remember what charity we raised the $$$ for but .... the Xena fans came thru with big bucks, even tho these are tight economic times."

** The picture I used was from last year's convention and it was taken by Paula Brathwaite (pmbpro)   - click here to see more of the pics from last year - while we wait for the pics of this year's con to come through **



30 January 2011

New Steven Sears Interview - 5 parts Now Online

Part 5 Lisa Soland interviews TV writer Steven L. Sears

Posted on: 30th January 2011

Part 5 Lisa Soland interviews TV writer Steven L. Sears

Steve talks about Xena creator/producer Rob Tapert and the talented actor Kevin Smith. He delivers a valuable motivational speech to artists and addresses how we must deal with things that are beyond your control. He also speaks about how to receive and give valuable feedback.

Part 4 Lisa Soland Interviews TV writer Steven L. Sears
Posted on: 30th January 2011

Part 4 Lisa Soland Interviews TV writer Steven L. Sears

In Part 4 of this interview Steven discusses "The Bitter Suite: A Musical Odyssey," the musical episode he wrote for the Xena, Warrior Princess television series. He also talks about working with Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor and others. His advice to writers, "If it's not on the page, it's not on the stage."

Part 3 Lisa Soland interviews TV writer Steven L. Sears
Posted on: 30th January 2011

Part 3 Lisa Soland interviews TV writer Steven L. Sears

Lisa Soland interviews TV writer Steven L. Sears. In this Part 3 of the interview, Steve discusses the philosophy of writing and that it's important to pursue happiness stating, "That's what makes you miserable, not figuring out what makes you happy." He also talks about his "Zero Draft," how his background in acting plays into [...]

Part 2 Lisa Soland interviews TV writer Steven L. Sears
Posted on: 30th January 2011

Part 2 Lisa Soland interviews TV writer Steven L. Sears

Lisa Soland interviews TV writer Steven L. Sears about breaking into TV writing. He says, "Don't be afraid of your own personalities." They discuss his first assignment, Steven J. Cannell Productions, his work on the A-Team, Riptide, Hardcastle and McCormick, Stringray, J.J. Starbuck and more. Steve also explains The Writer's Guide and why success doesn't [...]

Part 1 Lisa Soland interviews TV writer Steven L. Sears
Posted on: 30th January 2011

Part 1 Lisa Soland interviews TV writer Steven L. Sears

Lisa Soland interviews TV writer Steven L. Sears. Together they discuss his career -- his beginnings as an actor, waiting tables at Womphopper's Restaurant, and his break into writing for television. "Never be afraid to just do...something!" says Mr. Sears. Listen to the story of how it began for him. This is only Part One [...]

.. Barbara Davies



29 January 2011

Adrienne's VIP Cocktail Party Update

As you all know over the past month, we've had tickets available for the first VIP Cocktail Party with Adrienne Wilkinson and the cast of Venice and Xena. The money raised was part of the annual charity auction Adrienne's official fan club holds every year and we held it at the AUSXIP Charity site. I heard it went beautifully and everyone enjoyed themselves! Way to go Adrienne and all the guests and fans.

(C) 2011 KT Jorgensen

The guests included:

From Xena Warrior Princess:

** Adrienne Wilkinson, ** Katherine Fugate ** Claire Stansfield **Steven L. Sears

From Venice The Series

* * Crystal Chappell ** Michelle Carter (Michele King on Venice) ** Harrison White (Jamie Smith on Venice)

A great time was had by all!



29 January 2011

Xena Con Day 1 Update From Christie Keith from AfterEllen


Christie from AfterEllen has posted the day's events at the con today. Check out her blog on AfterEllen.

Click here to view

Christie also reveals that there was a rumour that Lucy would make a surprise visit since she was in Los Angeles (she filmed the Lopez Tonight show on 27 Jan) although Spartacus doesn't start filming until April.

We'd heard a rumor that Lucy Lawelss might be making a surprise appearance, and we tried to confirm it. Sadly, it's definitely not true. She was in Los Angeles earlier in the week, but she's back in New Zealand, shooting Spartacus. Sorry, everyone!



29 January 2011

Xena Convention Will Bring Out Weekend Warriors

xenagab.jpgXena' convention will bring out L.A. weekend warriors
Jan. 28, 2011 | LA Times

Although the series has been gone from syndication for more than a decade, "Xena: Warrior Princess" is still remembered for its feisty feminism and scantily clad leading ladies Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor - as well as the lesbian undertones that always added some pop-culture crackle to the show and stirred fan debates that still continue. The series unquestionably paved the way for more emotionally and physically powerful television heroines, and this weekend, around 500 fans of the show are expected to gather for the 16th  Official Xena Convention: The XVI Celebration, which kicks off Friday at the Los Angeles Marriot Convention Center near LAX.


--  Barbara Davies



29 January 2011

2011 Xena Con - The FUN begins!


The day has arrived and the herd has migrated to Los Angeles - some through heavy snowstorms - to attend our Xena mecca.

The AUSXIP gang is there (minus me) and will be reporting in with news, pics and other assorted goodies.

I heard great stuff happened at the VIP Cocktail party that Adrienne was hosting to raise money for charity which was just awesome!

KTL sent me a report from Thursday's meetup and you can now read it on the 2011 Xena Convention Page.

Stay tuned as news filters through I'll be posting!



28 January 2011

Message From Renee For Convention Attendees

Creation Entertainment sent out the following note from Renee regarding the upcoming 2011 Xena Convention which starts tomorrow

SPECIAL ADVANCE TIP: DO NOT MISS RENEE'S STAGE APPEARANCE AS SHE HAS SOMETHING REALLY FUN PLANNED that YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS! ALSO, we have a special message from Renee about her workshop (which you can get tickets for at registration on Friday):

Hello Friends!

I have an incredible passion for bringing about the deep inner awareness I see in others, and helping people to trust this inner sense, allowing it to be the guide on a moment to moment basis. This work is a personal journey I have been on for the past seven years now, allowing me to see my desire to activate it even more on a global scale. My introduction class at the Xena convention is a mere glimpse into the deeper work we facilitate now around the world. If you choose to participate in this class, I do ask that you join the peer process created in the room, as Awareness works when we can recognize our willingness to look inward, deeply and honestly. I hope to see you there!

With Love,



27 January 2011

Lucy in Amazon Leathers For NZ Skit Show Super City - Update

ImageImageOn 13 September 2010 I posted the news that Lucy made a guest appearance on Madeleine Sami's new skit show. In the show, Lucy wore her Amazon leathers from the Season 6 episode "Dangerous Prey" and looked great. Other than Lucy still looking in fantastic shape 10 years on from filming Dangerous Prey, the leathers were "borrowed" from Starship where Lucy had donated them for their auction to film the skit. She gave them right back and the leathers were sold for $5,110 NZ

Left (Lucy on Sami's new show) | Right (Lucy on Dangerous Prey)

Madeleine's new show is called Super City and it premieres on 11 February at 10 pm in New Zealand on TV3. We're not sure which episode Lucy is in but it's one of the six.

You can get more info on the show on their facebook page or on their TV3 site

-- Barbara Davies and MaryD



26 January 2011

Convention Countdown Begins...


Okay the convention page is ready..the fans are all migrating over to Los Angeles from all over the world. I'm not going (boo hiss..*sigh*) but there will be AUSXIP staff over at the con to cover the exciting stuff so pics and reports should be flowing by Friday night (or sooner).

The convention page is primed and ready for news and pics

The guest list (minus Lucy this year):

- Renee O'Connor,
- Brittney Powell,
- Jacqueline Kim
- Hudson Leick
- Michael Hurst
- Jennifer Ward-Lealand
- Claire Stansfield
- Melinda Clarke
- Charles Mesure
- Charles Keating
- Steven L. Sears
- Ted Raimi
- Katherine Fugate
- David Franklin

Spartacus Panel
- Steven DeKnight
- Rick Jacobson

Tickets can be found on Creation's website



26 January 2011

Xena Art: New Artist - LouLou and New Art

Added a new artist to the Xenaverse Art Gallery - LouLou!



Click here to view artwork



25 January 2011

2011 Xena Convention Official Artwork

Creation has updated their official 2011 Xena Convention page with the following graphic for the 2011 Xena Con.


Click here to view larger version



22 January 2011

Xena Returning to Australian TV in February 2011


Our favourite warrior and her bard are back on Australian network TV. A decade ago Xena was on channel 10 where they sliced and diced the show. The show was able to be seen in on reruns on Foxtel Cable on TV1 for a long time but now she's back on network TV. This time she's on 7Mate - the new digital channel by Channel 7 which is catered towards guys (can't figure out how Xena figures into this unless it's the leather and blue eyes that gets them <g>)

Throng.com.au has posted the following info regarding the return:

Another classic TV show is coming to 7mate: Xena Warrior Princess. Xena begins on 7mate at 3pm Thur Feb 3, and continues 3pm daily. It will also be on at 3am from Monday (morning) Feb 7.

News submitted by Adam



21 January 2011

On The Red Carpet Lucy Lawless Interview - Talks About a Xena Movie

On The Red Carpet has an interview with Lucy from today where she discusses Spartacus, Andy Whitfield and a Xena Movie. For some very strange reason they chose to stick a Kevin Sorbo interview on the back of the third portion which deals with the Xena movie.

Part 3 On The Red Carpet Interview With Lucy Lawless 20 January 2011
Posted on: 21st January 2011

Part 3 On The Red Carpet Interview With Lucy Lawless 20 January 2011

Lucy talks about doing a Xena movie and how they could it; comedy or serious. For some odd reason On the Record Carpet also stuck a Kevin Sorbo interview on there (?!) so you have first half is Lucy and the rest is Kevin.

To see more Lucy Lawless Interviews go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Interviews subsite



21 January 2011

Xenaverse Art Gallery - New Artist: erinmar13

Updated the Xenaverse Art Gallery with a new artist: erinmar13. Check out her artwork for various Xena episodes, characters, with more coming soon.

Click here to see these new additions by erinmar13.

Visit erinmar13's site to see her Buffy and Warehouse 13 pieces.



21 January 2011

2011 Xena Convention Creation Entertainment Press Release

Creation Entertainment have released a press release for the 2011 Xena Convention. Ted Raimi is unveiling yet another brother called Boxer (I'm kidding! It was a typo...it happens and it's funny).

16th Annual Official Xena: Warrior Princess Convention Returns to Los Angeles January 28-30, 2011

Xena Warrior Princess Fan Convention will return to Los Angeles for its 16th year! Don't miss in person celebrities, non-stop programing, trivia and costume contests, and after hour parties.


PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 19, 2011 – Xena: Warrior Princess, the television series that introduced the world to two female leads who battled evil Gods, monsters, and warlords without male assistance, returns to Los Angeles for its 16th year, Friday – Sunday, January 28, 29, and 30 at the Los Angeles Marriott at LAX, 5855 West Century Blvd.

Celebrity speakers throughout the weekend include: on Friday, Ted Raimi (Boxer) and Melinda Clarke (Velasca) Hudson Leick (Callisto), and David Franklin (Brutus); on Saturday, Michael Hurst (Iolaus), Claire Stansfield (Alti); Jennifer Ward-Lealand (Boadicea) and Brittney Powell (Brunnhilda); Sunday, Renee O’Connor (Gabrielle), Jacqueline Kim (Lao Ma), Charles Mesure (Archangel Michael) and Charles Keating (Zeus).

Also, appearing will be the behind the scene favorites Katherine Fugate (Xena Writer) and Steven L. Sears (Co-Executive Producer and writer of 22 episodes).

Featured will be special on-stage presentations, trivia and costume contests, behind-the-scenes footage, autographing, photo opportunities and a merchandise emporium featuring a variety of licensed merchandise.

General admission tickets will be available at the door for $30. Tickets for Children 6 to 12 are $15 each day and kids under 6 are free. Daily show hours are Friday, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Saturday, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, and Sunday, Noon – 6:00 PM.

For more information, call Creation Entertainment, (818) 409-0960 or visit our website at www.creationent.com.


AUSXIP Reporter: Barbara Davies



19 January 2011

Xena Warrior Princess Eligible For Rod Sterling Award

Image'Star Trek: Voyager,' 'Xena' Lead New Eligibility List For Portal Awards

The annual Rod Serling Award remembers shows that have stood the test of time

A decade can be a long time for fans of a show that no longer is in production. But at least there's still a way to commemorate it.

Airlock Alpha has released the Class of 2001 -- shows that ended in 2001 and are now eligible for the Rod Serling Award.

The award, named after "The Twilight Zone" creator, is part of Airlock Alpha's Portal Awards, the online fan awards that have attracted more than a million votes since it was founded in 1999. The Rod Serling Award honors the shows that are still prevalent in the minds of fans, even after being off the air for at least a decade.

"Xena" put Lucy Lawless on the map. The actress would later make her mark in shows like "Battlestar Galactica" and "Spartacus: Blood and Sand," but she will always be remembered as Xena, which broadcast its finale on June 18, 2001.

Read More

AUSXIP Reporter: Lori Boyles



19 January 2011

Xena and Spartacus Writer-Producer Passes Away - Dan Filie

[Steven Sears, via twitter and Facebook, wrote: 'RIP Dan Filie, one of the unsung heroes of Xena/Herc. Dan was the Universal Studios executive who believed in the shows and fought for them.']

Writer-Producer Dan Filie Dies
4:27 PM 1/17/2011 by Mike Barnes

He penned and produced the screenplay for "Frankenhood" and co-wrote an episode of "Spartacus: Blood and Sand."

Dan Filie, a writer-producer and television development executive, died unexpectedly at his home in Studio City on Jan. 13. He was 56.

A spokesman for the family said Filie died of natural causes.

Filie served as director of current drama for NBC and senior vp drama development at Universal Television, where he was responsible for the creation of many TV shows, most notably the syndication hits Hercules and Xena: Warrior Princess.

More recently, Filie wrote and produced the screenplay for the 2009 feature film Frankenhood, a horror-comedy spoof, and co-wrote (with Patricia Wells) the "Old Wounds" episode of the Starz series Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Survivors include his son Steven and his brother Nick.

Services will be held at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday at Forest Lawn in the Hollywood Hills. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.


AUSXIP Reporter: Barbara Davies



18 January 2011

New Xena Art by Aphrodian

ImageAdded new Xena and Gabrielle art by Aphrodian to the AUSXIP Xenaverse Art Gallery



Click here to view



16 January 2011

New Xena and Lucy Lawless Artwork by Klippart

Added some gorgeous new artwork of Lucy and Xena related artworks by Klippart:

The following three artwork are new and the others have been posted elsewhere but the first time on AUSXIP


Click here to view all the artwork



16 January 2011

MultiFandom Queensland & Brazil Flood Relief

ImageWhen I first heard about this I thought it was such a fantastic idea. Here's how to help Australians caught up in the Queensland floods as well as the Brazillian Floods which have killed over 500 people!

Fans are getting together and raising money for the flood appeal - from all fandoms! Not sure if Xena fans are doing this but I think it would be an awesome idea - throwing it out there for any of the fans to play with and come up with some great ideas.

Mesh's Relief Offer
- Waltzing Matilda Food Relief Live Journal
- Queensland Flood Auction - Live Journal
- AuctionMod Live Journal

- Brazil Live Journal


- Salvation Army
- Queensland Government Appeal
- RSPCA QLD - Animal Rescue
- Australian Red Cross

If you have a fundraising event going on and would like to list it here, please contact us and we will add it



14 January 2011

Review of Double Dare and Zoe Bell

ImageHere's a pretty good reviews of the documentary Double Dare and in particular super stunt woman Zoe Bell.

For those not familiar with Zoe, she was the stunt double for Lucy Lawless on Xena. All those flips and stunts were performed by Zoe and were just incredible to watch.

Double Dare Review
Posted on January 10, 2011 by Matt Gamble

For those of us who have seen Death Proof, Zoe Bell is more than a known commodity, she’s a frakkin superstar. As a film fan I love it when a movie can not only whisk me away to the universe they have created, but just as thrilling is when they can do something so amazing I can’t help but ask “How the hell did they do that?” More often than not, the answer exists due to the hard work of the stunt men and women who risk life and limb so the “stars” of the film don’t have to. But in the case of Zoe Bell, its not so much a matter of how she does it, but rather that she does it so much better than anyone else.

For the uninitiated Zoe Bell was initially known for being Lucy Lawless’ stunt double for Xena: Warrior Princess during its television run. Fresh off the success and acclaim for being able to pull off such difficult and athletic stunts on a weekly basis, Zoe set her sights on the US where she hoped to break in the film business.

Read More

AUSXIP Reporter: Barbara Davies



11 January 2011

Xena Reference - Perth Sunday Times 9 January 2011

Bumpy Bind Adding a baby to a TV cast is a challenging move. Now Alyson Hannigan’s pregnancy is giving her show’s writers a growing dilemma

Perth Sunday Times 9 January 2011

Lucy is mentioned in the article regarding Xena's immaculate conception during Season 5.


Scanned submitted by Sheryl-Lee Kerr



9 January 2011

Fanfic Art - New Cover by Calli - The Jess & Dev Tales


I absolutely love this story by Missy Good so Calli created a cover for it! Many thanks to Calli for the cover.

Click here to view cover and read parts 1 - 4 of this ongoing story

The Story of Humanity: The Jess and Dev Tales is set in the near future post apocalyptic - the earth has been devastated by weather. Human society on the planet is reduced to fighting for survival over seaweed and scraps. Jesslyn (Jess) Drake is a warrior for that time - an agent who works for one of two 'sides' (think cold war) and is sent into conflict to steal scientific secrets or otherwise prevent that 'side' from making advances that would let them prosper. There are no good or bad guys.

Dev is Biological Alternative, set 0202-164812, instance NM-Dev-1 is a type of human being developed on a space station in orbit who can accept direct brain programming to suit them for a specific job and is the first of her kind to be made into an agent to join this side. Has a somewhat slave status and no one really wants them around but is given to Agent Drake who is arm twisted into giving it a try.



7 January 2011

Michael Hurst Interview about Xena 25 January 2011

ImageThe following is from Michael's official site about an upcoming interview where he discusses Xena and Hercules

25 January 2011, 9:20 p.m.: Rocked the Nation 2: 100 NZ Pop Culture Stories ep. 5

Airing in New Zealand on C4; Michael is interviewed about Hercules and Xena for Pop Culture Story #22. From 2009.



6 January 2011

Classic Fiction by Iseqween - The Best in Me

The Best In Me (Classic)
by Iseqween

In the Season 3 Solstice story “Raindrops on Roses,” Gabrielle and Xena try to make the best of their near-death experiences in THE BITTER SUITE and ONE AGAINST AN ARMY. The following continuation explores different ways others take the heroic partners’ presumed demise as a gift. For Cousin Liz and Nancy G.

Read More



6 January 2011

New Fiction Series: The Story of Humanity: The Jess and Dev Tales

ImageMissy Good has a new Uber series called The Story of Humanity: The Jess and Dev Tales

I've created a new fanfic subsection for this series.

View New Site | Read Part 1 - 4

The Story of Humanity: The Jess and Dev Tales is set in the near future post apocalyptic - the earth has been devastated by weather. Human society on the planet is reduced to fighting for survival over seaweed and scraps. Jesslyn (Jess) Drake is a warrior for that time - an agent who works for one of two 'sides' (think cold war) and is sent into conflict to steal scientific secrets or otherwise prevent that 'side' from making advances that would let them prosper. There are no good or bad guys.

Dev is Biological Alternative, set 0202-164812, instance NM-Dev-1 is a type of human being developed on a space station in orbit who can accept direct brain programming to suit them for a specific job and is the first of her kind to be made into an agent to join this side. Has a somewhat slave status and no one really wants them around but is given to Agent Drake who is arm twisted into giving it a try.



5 January 2011

Xenaverse Art Gallery - New Artist: Klippart


Updated the Xenaverse Art Gallery with a new artist: Klippart. Check out Klipp's fantastic Xena and Gabrielle artwork.

Her two new artworks are "The Stare" and "Through The Years" which have not been posted before whilst the others are older pieces.


Click here to view them all!



3 January 2011

2011 Xena Convention Updates

Creation Entertainment has updated their 2011 Xena Convention Page with the following news:

XENA’s Lao Ma

Jacqueline will be appearing at Sunday's Q and A world-premiering her new EP (sparked at the request of her Xena fans!). She will sing a song from the album and have CDs available at her autograph session.


There's a new t-shirt called Bad Girls of Xena with Alti, Callisto & Velaska




Friday Night at 9pm
Look out for a festive night of fun starring some of our favorite Xena celebrities doing what they do best: entertaining!

Our tentative performers include HUDSON LEICK, hosting and doing comedy along with the sensational TED RAIMI and also starring DAVID FRANKLIN and STEVE SEARS. This event is complimentary for Gold and Preferred Weekend Patrons, for others general admission tickets are $25.


Here's the chance to get in-person signatures from your favorite celebrities. If your ticket package includes autographs you can purchase additional signatures and get them done all at the same time!

RENEE O'CONNOR $50 (Sunday)
Renee has graciously agreed to sign a limited number of autographs at the convention. These are not part of any ticket package and must be ordered separately.

MICHAEL HURST $30 (Saturday)




BRITTNEY POWELL $20 (Saturday)

HUDSON LEICK $20 (Friday)

Mr. Mesure's autograph is not part of any ticket package and must be purchased separately.



Mr. Keating's autograph is not part of any ticket package and must be purchased separately.

DAVID FRANKLIN $25 (all three days)
David's autograph is not part of any package and must be ordered separately.



3 January 2011

New Art by Ana in Xenaverse Gallery


Added 6 new artworks by Ana in her Xenaverse Art Gallery

Click here to view



3 January 2011

In Xena Warrior Princess - Who Played Xena?


It's nice to see Xena mentioned in a quiz in the Sunday Age (Melbourne, Australia) on 2 January 2011



Click on the thumbnail to play the quiz and the very hard question! :)



2 January 2011

2009 and 2010 Xena Conventions on DVD Now Available

How cool is this - the 2009 and 2010 Xena Conventions are now available from Creation Entertainment



You can now order the 2 Disc DVD set at Creation



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