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'Say not in grief 'she (he) is no more' but live in thankfulness that she (he) was'.





Josephine "Jo" Figarino - (82) who passed away on November 27, 2020. Amazon Elder and HCNB to the core.

Wannetta M. Wilson - June 6, 2020. Age 64. Amazon Elder and beloved friend. Wannetta passed away due to heart and kidney failure.

Julian, Warrior Puppy - April 25, 2020. Steven L. Sears introduced Julian to the Xenaverse and the Xenaverse fell in love. Sadly Julian passed away on April 25, 2020.



Lee McQuaid - 1 October 2019. Age: 73 (14 October 1946 - 1 October 2019) - Beloved brother to Pat Vowles, beloved Xenite.

Jaroslav Verner (Lida Verner's father). Passed away unexpectadly on 12 July 2019.

Capt Skip - He passed away on July 11, 2019 from a long illness. He was a long serving Xenite and friend to so many in our community but especially the Merwolfpup list.

Lisa Annette Scoggins - 12 May 2019. Age: 50 (4 April 1969 - 12 May 2019)
Lisa passed away after she lost her battle with cancer today. Beloved sister, friend and Xenite. Click here for funeral arrangements

Susanne M. Beck (SwordnQuill / Blade)  - April 20, 2019. Age: 55 ( September 03, 1963 - April 20, 2019)
In shocking news, Sue passed away in her sleep over the Easter weekend. Beloved sister, friend, bard and Xenite to the Core. My heart is hurting....




Shawna Headrick - 24 September 2018. Shawna Headrick passed away unexpectedly on Monday 9/24/18. Shawna was a beautiful soul with a generous heart, who was taken way too soon.
Please visit Shawna's Memorial Page for details about a gofundme page to help the family and also a tribute video

Baermer - 04 September 2018. This was shocking news and unexpeted. Baermer was a beloved bard and friend to so many in the Xenaverse. You can read her work here:

Pany LL - 17 June 2018. Pany was a beloved friend to many in the Xenaverse passed away on Sunday from brain cancer. I first met Pany online and later at a Xena convention and she was such a glorious personality - larger that life personality and a fun person to be around. She had this incredible laugh and was a real joy.

Karen M. Nielsen – April 17, 2018. Age 76. Beloved mother to Angie and Amazon Elder / Member of the Xenaversity of Minnesota



Ann Pilichowski - 13 September 2016 - Passed away at age 54 from an aggressive form of ovarian cancer. Beloved friend in the Xenaverse.
Eulogy PageFundraising Page for Funeral

Alexis Arquett - 11 September 2016 - Actress (Caligula in Xena Season 6 Episode 12: The God You Know

Theresa Geis 25 July 2016 - passed away at West Lake Hospital on Monday, July 25, 2016 at the age of 75. Beloved Xenite and mother to Susan Geis
Please visit Theresa's Obituary

Heather Spurlin - 22 May 2016 - passed away from lifelong medical problems May 22, 2016. Beloved Xenite, generous soul and heart



Kim Rosell - 19 October 2015. (Passed away aged 51 years old. Beloved friend in the Xenaverse. Rest in peace and in God's embrace, Kim.
Please visit Kim's Memorial Page

Nene Adams - 03 October 2015. (Passed away from heart attack. Beloved bard, Xenaverse Amazon Elder,  beloved friend and wife (Corrie Kuipers)
Nene's talent was EXTRAORDINARY. Rest in peace Nene.


Patricia L. Givens (Dax) - 09 February 2014 (Passed away aged 44 years old - Beloved bard, wife to Rita and Xenite to the core)

Lisa Smith-Cruz - 25 November 2011. (Passed away from cancer. An active community member and fundraiser for many very worthy causes.
Karen "Nightgal" - 07 October 2011 Aged 53 years old. Karen was a Civilian Crime Scene Investigator. Huge Xena fan. Loved going to concerts and travelling with a group called Wild Wolf   Women of the Web. She was always there for her friends despite the long hours she worked, and she was an all around sweet person. Her sites: Twitter and Youtube.
A friend's tribute can be found here

Cinthie (Ciegra) - 14 May 2011 (Gifted artist and friend to many on Merwolfpack list). Information on where to send condolences will be updated shortly
Cathy Liddicoat (CathBard) - 20 March 2011 (Passed away from a long battle with lung cancer). Read Cathy's Xena Fanfic | Send a condolences via The Tavern Wall
Julie Sanges - 12 March 2011 (Passed away from a long illness. No memorial is planned as was her wishes. Further information can be obtained from her nephew

Diane Norris (Didah, dinars) - 20 February 2011 (Passed away from cancer. DOB: 1959) She was a hardcore Xenite and a great Kevin Smith fan. Diane was also a great photographer and all around wonderful person. She will be missed...reported by Vivian) - Memorial Page


Liz Staub (Cousin Liz) - 10 October 2010 (beloved friend, avid collector, webmaster (Soulmates)
Marjanka Oudshoorn - 25 June 2010 (lost her battle with breast cancer. Beloved friend  to many in the Xenaverse.
  Marjanka was 39 years old (DOB 5 September 1970).   Memorial page is in dutch. 

Regina Ward (Queenfor4) - 13 July 2008 (Bard - Snowbound, Gabrielle's Gift and A Day in the Con)
Elisa Lynn Hissong (Gila) - 22 June 2008 - Leave message on Condolence Guestbook
Mr Richard Wood (Priestess Charis father) - May 2008
Suzie Solares - 9 April 2008 -  ("Gabrielle" to CindyT, beloved friend and soulmate)

Atara - 21 March 2008 - (Beloved Bard, mother, Xenite)

Mrs. Joan Wood (Priestess Charis' mother) - September 2007
Michelle De La Rosa (19 July 2007 - Beloved friend, artist and webmaster)
Becky Calvert (Becky created this memorial page, beloved friend, a true warrior - May 2007)

Aleida Santiago (October 2006 Beloved friend, activist, xenite to the core)
Linda (Lynka) (8 August 2006 - Bard, webmaster, extraordinary artist)
Dr. Susan Barnes (Alaska) (5 August 2006 Beloved friend)

LJ Maas (29 October 2005 - Beloved Bard, artist and webmaster)

Robert S. Kenney II (Meleaguer) (21 April 2003)
Susan Mullarky (3 February 2003, beloved friend)

Carolyn "Diamonddog" Cason - February 10, 2002 (Bard and beloved friend)

Tonya Muir (January 2001 - Beloved Bard and wife of Clive)
Laura (Galdriel) (TX Member - 2001)

1999 - 2000
Evie Lamberth - June 4, 1999
PD Lamberth - August 1999
Kellie Ann Stec (May 28, 1999, Bonnie Fitzpatrick's sister)
Shirl Landon's Dad - 1999
Kristian S. Fisher - 1999
Vanessa Ma - 1941-1999 (Dan's Mother)
Alicia's Brother
"Monnie" Huffman (Frances (Lyric369)'s mom Julia Ann Herndon Smith Huffman (Ann)
Ralph Singer (Shirl's Dad)
Nancy (Di (Asklipius)'s mom)
John (Di (Asklipius)'s dad
W. Frank Baum (Frances' (aka MizNick/alwayslooking)'s father)
Baby Cora (3 1/2 months old) daughter of Jennifer, aka Proud Warrioress 
Unco Loving mother to Morgan and Meghan, wife to Charles and best friend/soulmate to Cheryl
Rebekah (a.k.a. WebHermit) (Bard)
Inez Gray (Jules' mother)
Frances McIntyre (Mother of Ellen Pate)
Nicole Sutherlund
Gayle Baker (irishgayle)
Susan Lafalgio (ares_bard)
Agnes (Szalkiria)
Svet (hybridstar)
Amy Goodwin (Leslaureat)
Marlo Jean M. Leon Guerrero (Yakkut The Amazon 72)
Olivia Lassance Cabral
Frances Spinella
Ron Murillo




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